Friday, March 11, 2011

VDL Auction, HITS Ocala

Happy Friday everyone! 

I still have nothing to report on the Tucker front, all is well so far -- no fever, no signs of infection, and the patient is managing to stay relatively upbeat despite his lock-down.  His turnout buddy is actually in for a couple of days due to an abscess (thanks for the solidarity buddy!), so I'm sure Tucker is comforted that he's not missing out on anything in the field.  It's been pouring rain here too, so at least yesterday he had a barn full of friends to keep him company. 

The point of this post, however, is to alert you to the VDL Auction, going on at HITS Ocala this Sunday.  Some of the horses that are being showcased are cousins of the one and only Wunderkind, so I for one will definitely check it out. 

I have already picked my favorite, and if I win the Powerball this week, he is going to be mine.  He is Tucker's cousin -- they share Nimmerdor as their grandsire.  He and Tucker would make a lovely matched set, don't you think?

To check out the rest of the horses, you can browse or check out VDL's YouTube Channel.

Register here to watch the live event on Sunday.  (You can also register to bid for the horses online, should you have the means, or just feeling whimsical with your money.)  I will be tuned in!


  1. He's gorgeous!! I think I would come flying off about the time he used his fabulous little back end over that jump, though. Yikes! What technique.

  2. If I didn't fall off first, he'd totally jump me out of the tack. On the last jump in the line, he looked like he was popping over five footers. Ho hum. Think I'll over jump this just a little...

    Tucker's cousin, for sure!

  3. Just fyi, the official results from VDL's facebook page:

    Final Bids:

    Carst $69 K
    Corvine $69 K
    Cardo $70 K
    Collalbo $57 K
    Chester $48 K
    Contino $43 K
    Cupido $44 K
    Cavantos $32 K
    Consul $38 K
    Birmingham $27 K


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