Monday, March 14, 2011

Tucker's Strenuous Weekend Activity

Tell me something.  Is there anything more relaxing in the world than sitting bareback on your horse while he happily grazes away at fresh spring grass?  I certainly can't think of any.  Aren't these pictures adorable?

Now you know what the view is like from up there.  Also, I've managed to find yet another reason to wear a belt while riding.  Serves double-duty as a rein extension to facilitate grazing:

Remember the last time my belt came in handy?

In other news, since Tucker isn't exactly giving me a workout these days, I ventured over to Whitmere and had some lovely rides this weekend on Reggie, Joe, and Tuck.  (If you can believe it, we now have another big plain bay to add to the herd, and his name is Tuck. Not only that, but Tuck and Tucker could be clones. More on that later this week....)  These boys were all just lovely to ride, each in their own special way.  All bay geldings... my favorite kind of horse! 

Catch riding is so good for me, it really makes me aware of my bad habits (you know, the ones that Tucker very kindly ignores) and reminds me to use my aids properly, plus it makes me put my thinking cap on and figure the horse out, like sitting down to a new crossworld puzzle, or opening up a new mystery novel.  How often do you all ride horses other than your own, or do you have several of your own that you ride?  Do you find it as helpful as I do?


  1. Nice pictures. Loved the belt story :)

    I rode a different horse for the first time in 18 months last week - since I got my guy - it was great. I'd like to do it more often... like you said, it sharpens up your skills.

  2. I have no idea how I found your blog, but I've loved reading about Tucker's adventures :D He's beautiful! And I can't believe you have actual green grass - we still have at least 3 feet of snow on the ground. Ugh.

  3. Sitting on your horse bareback and listening to him munch away....sigh....sounds like heaven to me. One day!!

    I have tried other lesson horses where I board, and I didn't like the rides. Yes, they did as asked and were great at building confidence, but I was uncomfortable. I found the horses so choppy in their movement compared to my guy.

  4. I used to ride lots of other horses and it really made me a better rider. Not so much since I've had Izzy, though. I just don't have the time.

  5. Love your pictures and belt story.

    I have always ridden a few different horses. When I first started I must have ridden a different horse in lessons for a few years. Mostly OTTB's and that wasn't so much fun. Now that we have our own herd I basically just ride Blue and Dusty.

    It's my opinion that the more horses you ride the better rider you will be. Having to figure out what makes each one tick and what works is a good way to learn horsemanship. Each horse is different with a different set of problems to figure out.


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