Friday, March 25, 2011

Still (horse) Crazy after all These Years?

I commented a couple of posts back about what a horse-crazy little girl I used to be.  Upon a little further reflection, not much has changed.  When people come into my office and see the (multiple) pictures of Tucker, they inevitably say "is that your horse?" followed by "is that you?"  (I have the photo at the top of the side bar in a frame on my desk.)  At this point, my lawyerly demeanor completely changes and I coo something along the lines of, "Yes... that's my baby...." 

In addition, I have a decidedly horsey brain.  Much the way someone who is bilingual might think in their first language, I think in "horse."  The following are examples of things that I have actually thought to myself or said out loud to others, in very recent memory.  They have all caused me to stop and blink for a few minutes in disbelief... over how my brain seems to... translate... certain things.
  1. "It should only take me 5 minutes to get tacked up," while deciding how long I can hit the snooze button while still leaving time to get dressed for work.
  2. "I need to wash these turnouts," referring to my own barn jackets.
  3. "My stifle is killing me," while walking to the train and realizing that the muscles in front of my right hip were sore (most likely from attempting to sit straight on my horse, for once).
  4. "I can't wait to get home and loosen my girth," after a particularly long day in a suit.  [When I had this thought, I actually rolled my eyes at myself so hard that I got a funny look from the person next to me.]
  5. "I'm short-coupled," explaining why I prefer jackets and tops that end at the waist, rather than the hip.
I also count strides as I walk, sometimes in a 1-2-3-4 rhythm (to establish my pace, of course), and sometimes to help me "ride a line," say, down the stairs, or between a set of double doors.  For example, the striding on the stairs from the train platform to the station goes as follows:  a steady four (from the door to the top of the stairs), a nice eleven (the first flight, where foot traffic flows well), and then either a direct two or a bending five (on the landing, depending on if I am on the right or left side of the stairs), to a quiet fourteen (the second flight, where traffic backs up).  How much do you want to bet that none of the other commuters know how many "strides" they need to fit in on the landing, and what pace they need?

I can't be alone in this.  Please tell me that some of you do this too?


  1. hahaha. I think sometimes the best part about the blog world is that for the first time I don't feel all alone in my complete and utter obsession with horses.
    I definitely count strides when walking and sometimes absentmindedly treat sidewalk cracks like ground poles. I find myself closing my outside hand around the steering wheel for "support" around a turn. I click at slow moving vehicles. I spook at sudden noises... I am hopeless :)

  2. My car leg yields, gets half-halted, and is clucked to and patted (steering wheel). Dressage background, you know.

    This post nearly made me pee my pants, especially the "loosening the girth". Good to know I'm in good company :-)

  3. Ha..I totally Spook too, I'm a flight girl for sure. I still day dream out of a car (not while driving) and jump the invisible horse that runs along side it, over anything jumpable. When I walk/run, I length strides or shorten and use sidewalk cracks as jumps sometimes. Today, i ran up my home stairs and sort of found myself, using my hands to canter up the last few. What?!!! Im there with you. It's bad. xo

  4. Run? who runs? Collected canter, working canter, extended canter, then coeected trot, working trot and extended trot..........
    My invisable horse who gallops with me every time I drive is the best jumper in the world and never tires! ;)
    I rang my partner the other day and asked him to pack my unlined snythetic as I forgot to pack it - he asked where is that jacket hanging?! I was impressed as he is not horsey! Just puts up with me :)
    I told me neighbour the other day that we needed to be stay at home mums - our animals need us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No you are not alone my brain is consitantly thinking horsey thoughts!


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