Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Healing Process Begins

So the past couple of days have been a crazy mix of emotions for me every time I think about my horse... fear, love, regret, relief, worry, comfort, concern, joy.  On the one hand, I am so thankful that he is okay and that it was nothing serious.  On the other hand, I stress every time he hurts himself, partly because there could always be complications, and partly because it reminds me how very fragile he is, outward appearances to the contrary.  And then there's the accompanying guilt, and knowledge that I probably wasn't using best practices and could have picked a safer spot to park my trailer... which prompted a grocery bag full of "mommy feels guilty" treats to arrive outside Tucker's stall on Sunday.  He's not complaining.

My vet came out and looked at him yesterday and she thought he looked good, though she did prescribe SMZs.  She has also nixed turnout until the stitches are out, which I understand -- we don't want him running and tearing them out, and it's so muddy out there lately that there's a high risk that the wound would get dirty and possibly infected.  The staff at the barn where I'm boarding are absolutely wonderful, and taking great care of him... handwalking during the day, giving him SMZs, making sure he has hay in front of him, making sure his selection of treats is properly administered.... 

I went out to walk him under tack last night, and he was very good, let's hope the good behavior lasts.  He seemed rather confused though.  First he took me over to the spot where I hang up my cooler after five minutes of walking.  "Time to work now right?  Let's get going, come on, take the cooler off, you know the drill."  Um, no, Tucker, just keep walking.  Then I got off after our 20 minute walk and he turned around and blinked at me in disbelief.  "You forgetting something?  Like WORK?  Please tell me that's not it.  Wait, I know, you're probably getting down to set up some jumps.  Good idea.  We haven't jumped since last weekend."  Nope, sorry buddy, that's it for tonight.  "What's wrong?  You not feeling good or something?"  No, Tucker, remember?  You're not feeling well?  Hurt your leg?  Emergency trip to the vet clinic?  "Nope.  I feel fine.  Can you get back on?"

And now, some pictures.  Telling his girlfriend about his ordeal:

"And there was this huge truck right?  And it was going to kill my mom...."

"Wow!  You fought a water truck?!  You're SO BRAVE."
"Yeah, I'm like, kind of a hero.  No big deal."

Our handwalk on Sunday:

Nom nom nom nom.  Spring is on its way!

The Drama Llama sees something in the distance. 
How does he get his neck to do that?

Then it started to rain, so we had to head inside to finish our walk:

How much longer do we have to do this?  I'm kinda bored.

What's in the bag?  Is it for me?  Huh?  Huh?  Is it?


And, of course, the carnage.  Looks pretty good right?  This is from last night.  Minimal swelling, staying clean, skin laying flat so far.  I know it's only been 2 days, but I'm pleased with how it looks right now.

Much less funny than the last time he had stitches though.  Can't really come up with any clever nicknames for this one. 


  1. Wow... scary looking cut! I would be panicking too. He's adorable. Glad he seems to be healing well. Hope it's all behind you before you know it.

  2. The stitches look great! I hope everything continues to heal quickly and cleanly. Ohhh... so sorry you and Tucker had such a scary experience :(

  3. YIKES! Poor Mama!!! Poor Tucker!!! Prayers for a speedy recovery

  4. He's such a goof. I'm pretty sure you nailed EXACTLY what he was saying to his marefriend. ;-) Ah Tucker, the worldly-wise.

    Glad he's doing well and hope he continues to improve.

  5. Dear Tucker, I heard you cut up your hock! While you might miss the work for a day or two, tack walking can be fun. Things you can do to spice it up include: spooking at nothing, spooking at everything, bucking as big as you can riiiight as she's sitting down in the saddle and the most fun, making the ugliest faces you possibly can at anyone who gets within 10 feet of you in the arena. See...time off can be cool. If you do ALL these things, your mom might give you this neat medicine that makes you all drunk and loopy feeling...whooooaaaa...good times. Love, Pongo

  6. It does look good so far, which is good news.

  7. I always love reading Tucker's comments. :) I'm glad to see you blogging again!

  8. Hearing about it is one thing, seeing the location, feeling the pit of the stomach fear, I want to throw up on my shoes in solidarity all over again.

    Stitches are excellent! And his attitude is wonderful. Such an "aw shucks" boy over saving his mom from the evil water truck.


  9. Dude. What Pongo said. Another tip: whenever you see your mom? Hang your head, then turn and stare pitifully at your leg. (Make sure it's the one you hurt. She doesn't know it's fine now.) Work the guilt. You can SO get the groceries out of this one. If staring doesn't work, hold the leg up and THEN stare.then look gloomily at your mom. Whatever you want? It's yours.
    I'm telling you man, it's a free ticket.
    BTW, maybe you'll get a cool scar out of it. The ladies love that.


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