Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Why Do I Like Horses"

My brother sent this to me.  He apparently has a friend-of-a-friend through facebook who "is always posting horsey stuff," according to him, and a link to the poem below was posted on her wall.  My brother doesn't have any particular feelings one way or another about horses, other than what I think he'd describe as a "healthy fear."  But he saw this and knew that his horse-crazy sister would love it.  Truth be told, it brought tears to my eyes (me, the girl who is stoic through sad movies, tragic world events, weddings, and the like).  I know you'll all love it too.

Why do I like horses? I think I must be mad.
My mother wasn't horsey - And neither was my dad.
But the madness hit me early - and it hit me like a curse.
And I've never gotten better.  In fact I've gotten worse.
I hardly read a paper - but I know who's sold their horse.
And I wouldn't watch the news - Unless Mr. Ed was on, of course.
One eye's always on the heavens - but my washing waves in vain
As I rush to get the horses in - in case it's gonna rain.
I spend up every cent I've got - on horsey stuff for sure
I buy saddles, bridles, fancy boots - and then I buy some more.
I can't sew on a button - I don't even try
But I can back a truck and trailer - in the twinkling of an eye.
It's jeans and boots that I live in night and day
And that smell of sweaty horses just doesn't wash away.
I ache from long forgotten falls.  My knees have got no skin.
My toes have gone a funny shape - from being stomped on again and again.
But late at night, when all is still - and I've gone to give them hay,
I touch their velvet softness and my worries float away.
They give a gentle nicker and they nuzzle through my hair
And I know it's where my heart is - more here than anywhere.

~ Author Unknown

I had a lovely ride today, probably the best one we've had in weeks, and it did my heart more good than anything else has in a long time.  If this is a curse, I couldn't be more grateful to be afflicted.


  1. This one cracks me up every time :)

  2. Great poem. I love it. Sure strikes many chords

  3. Good Curses. There might be a post in there somewhere. :)
    Lovely you had Tucker and the connection. It's such a heart thing.


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