Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Time Has Come....

Maybe it's because I spent the day with my baby niece yesterday, maybe it's because I've been overly sentimental every time I see my horse (translation: crying every time I see him) after losing Jack, maybe it's too dang cold to ride so I've got nothing else to report, maybe I need a little cheering up, or maybe it's because I'm finally trusting my dear readers enough to truly share with you all. 

For whatever reason, maybe a combination of the above, I've decided that the time has come.  It's time to share Tucker's baby photos.  You may not want to drink anything as you scroll down, because you will at some point snort with laughter, and possibly point at your computer screen, your shoulders shaking in a silent fit of laughter.  It's a perfectly natural reaction (in fact, the unanimous reaction whenever I have shown these to anyone), but we don't want to hurt Tucker's feelings, so remember to be kind in your comments.

So here we go.  First, a few of my personal favorites of just Tucker:

(Stop laughing.)

"Mom, get my good side."

Who is that handsome horse in the mirror?


Loved that fluffy pony mane. 

As you can see, the farm where he lived as a baby was horse heaven.  The field we're in right now was 16 acres, full of nice big shade trees, a huge run-in shed, and this stream, which the babies had to wade across every day for their breakfast (none of them ever have a problem with crossing water after that!).  It was the perfect bucolic heaven for me to get away every Sunday from scenic concrete-and-steel Newark, NJ, where I went to law school, and Tucker was extremely happy there. 

And here are a few of Tucker and his friends.  I took about a million pictures of him in the middle of his baby herd.  He lived in a little paddock by himself in Connecticut, so when we moved to New Jersey, I was just overjoyed to see him turned out with all these other babies.

Tucker makes a good head rest.

(Seriously, stop laughing.)

Sometimes friends make good head rests too.

Incidentally, the little black mare that Tucker is resting on in the last picture is Julie's older full sister, whose name was Mandy.  She was such a gorgeous little filly!  I had the privilege of breaking her a couple of years later and she was just lovely.  This little girl is probably the reason that Julie came into existence.

And finally, just so that you all know I wasn't exaggerating...  Remember when I said that his ears were as big as they are now, and his neck was as long as it is now, and he closely resembled a baby giraffe crossed with a goat?

Goat head.  (He looks kind of sad about it, doesn't he?)

Giant ears.  Compare with these, taken last week.  Not much has changed.

I swear, this hasn't been photo shopped.  He really did have a periscope for a neck. 

Okay, so, maybe it's okay to laugh at that last one.  It is pretty absurd.  I mean, just for the sake of comparison:

And lastly, here is one of me and my boy, the day that he arrived at his new farm and it hit me that he really was mine.  Madly in love written all over my face.

Tucker love.


  1. Great pictures. I remember when my horse Rogo went through those ugly duckling stages too - skinny neck, high hind quarters, but ever so cute :)

  2. Aww... I admitted, I giggled. He's certainly matured well. (And enjoy that long neck--I always have horse with pretty, SHORT necks to go with my uber long torso.)

  3. OK, I admit that "why the long face?" came to mind a couple of times, but really...who wouldn't have Tucker love?? He's adorable. Thanks for sharing his baby pics. :-)

  4. I love the baby pictures! He was SO cute. :)

  5. I love tuckers ears!!!! Bodhi had the same head and butt he does now, so funny. You can see how awesome a horse Tucker was going to grow up to be though in the expression in the first photo. There is something special there for sure!

  6. I love them! All of them. Tell Tucker that this Auntie did not laugh once. I did talk baby talk to the pictures though because he is was so freaking cute! Now he is handsome, but back then he was freaking adorable!

  7. I love baby pictures!! Pie's the only one I have pictures of, though. Babies are funny, and gangly and odd-shaped - that's one of the things that makes them fun. We got both Dawn and Pie at age 4, and they both still had (have) some babyish characteristics at that time, particularly in the head/neck department. You're lucky to have all those wonderful photos!

  8. sooooooo cute! I want a baby Tucker (only if you promise he grows up to be just like Big Tucker)

  9. OMG he is so precious...
    I wish I could get my hands on Ozzy's baby photos. There's one somewhere of him being bottle fed in the clinic and I'd love to have it.

  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Tucker. He was an adorable baby. The last pictures are priceless, his neck was...sorta long. But he's grown into a very handsome guy.

  11. He is soooooo cute/wonderful/amazing/precocious/sweet and fuzzy. I just want to throw my arms around him. How did you ever make it to work? You deserve an award for that, for sure. I love photos of babies when they hit various growth spurts. Usually one part spurting quicker than the others. It's not fun in the moment, when you are worried sick the front end will always be five inches higher than the back end, or vice versa, but so CUTE in retrospect, when you can leaf through them knowing you have a perfectly proportioned and gorgeous boy in the barn.

    The one with all the babies in a neck hug is too wonderful for words! Thank you for sharing. :)

  12. TOO CUTE!! These pictures just made me love the Tucker-man even more. At least he got through his awkward phase in a short period. My best friend bred & raised my horse & I distinctly remember the first time I met him (he was 3), searching for something nice to say, because I thought he was so ugly and awkward! He didn't grow out of the periscope neck, gangly everything until he was almost SEVEN. Ah well, at least I know I love him for what's inside :-)


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