Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

The stylish blogger award has been bestowed upon Tucker and me (I know, I know, we're a little late getting aroudn to it), and we are most grateful.  Though Tucker was rolling around on the ground and covering his eyes with his hooves, laughing hysterically, like the horse in the Goofy cartoon (skip to 3:15) when he heard that someone called me "stylish."  Most days when he sees me I'm barely recognizable beneath several layers of turtlenecks, fleece, and down, and brightly colored wool socks.  Soon thereafter, there is hay in my hair, shavings on my socks, and alfalfa smeared somewhere across my person.  Then there's the summer, when he sees me in a permanently stained t-shirt or tank, brightly colored boot socks, dust and dirt sticking to my sweaty arms and face.  In either case, not exactly stylish.  Though he and I do clean up pretty well in the ring, for about 3 minutes, so maybe that counts.

Anyway, we love awards, and we are always happy to receive one and pass it along.  The Rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

1.  We have been given this award by Kate at The Adventures of Lucy, Kristen at Sweet Horse's Breath, and Ruffles at Just A Girl and Her Horse.  There may be others that I've missed, and if so -- Thank you! 

2.  Seven things about me.  Do they have to be true?  Do they have to be things you don't know?  Do they have to be interesting?  Let's see here....
  1. I dream of being a writer for a living.  I am working on a novel, aimed at the tween/teenage group, about a girl and her horses.  I am also sending queries to some of the equestrian publications about writing an article.  Stay tuned for more progress on that one.
  2. I love being an Aunt, and I didn't think I would.  I've never liked babies, and I was secretly very fearful that I wouldn't feel anything for my niece at all, and I'd feel like a terrible person.  I was sort of uneasy with her for the first few months (she was so tiny and fragile, and sort of purple, and not very interactive), but now I adore her, and miss her when I haven't seen her in a few weeks.  I can't wait to watch her grow up.
  3. My guilty pleasure is sit-coms -- cheesy, mildly amusing, laugh-track in the background, conflicts resolved in under 30 minutes, intellectually unstimulating sit-coms.  I should probably read a book instead, but I can't help it, I love them. My DVR is set to record a lot of them.  On snow days or sick days, I still watch Will & Grace, Friends, Seinfeld... you get the idea. 
  4. My tack trunk is always neat and organized, my tack is always clean, my trailer is spotless, and my horse is always clipped and groomed.  Yet, keeping my apartment clean is a constant struggle, my truck is a complete nightmare (haven't seen the back seat in months), and I can be extremely disorganized when not in a barn.  Something I'll never understand.
  5. I love to sketch and I haven't done it regularly for years.  I've done some things I am really proud of that hang in various homes and offices of my family members.  I stopped in law school though, because I didn't have the time, and never picked it up again.  I'm going to try to create some nice sketches this year.
  6. My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn.  My favorite actors are Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey.  There are others I like too, but I'll watch and enjoy pretty much any movie starring one of these three.  Of course, the same goes for Ryan Reynolds, but for slightly different reasons....
  7. In my fantasy life, I am on the road at horse shows all the time, with my two lovely horses, living in a camper with an adorable jack russell.  If I win the lottery, what I do with the money will be a very, very easy decision.  For now though, I'm willing to settle for a horse that I love and get to show locally.  Most days, I feel pretty darn lucky to have that.
3.  Fifteen recently discovered bloggers.  Two of the blogs that gave me this award (Kate's and Ruffles', linked above) are actually new to me, so I'm counting those as the first two. They've been following me and I have not been returning the favor, but I will start!  I don't know if I have thirteen more, but I do have some new ones to share with you, so here goes (in no particular order):
  1. On the Line
  2. A Process of Learning
  3. Ravishing Roxy
  4. A Collection of Madcap Escapades
  5. Sojourner
  6. Tails of the Off Track Thoroughbred
  7. Sakura Hill Farm
  8. Training My Off Track Thoroughbred
  9. The Many Misadventures
  10. Show Ring Ready
  11. Jimmy Choo | The Blog
  12. G is for Greta
  13. The Adventures of Cathy and Valie
What do you know?  I did have 15 new blogs to share!  I hope you all check them out and enjoy.  Now on to Step #4... contacting the bloggers.  That may have to wait for another day.


  1. Congrats on the award!

    OK, #2, #4 and #5 I can totally relate to.. #6 Breakfast at Tiffany's...need I say more??? Love Robert Duvall, Jeff Bridges and Harrison Ford. And Ryan....oh, Ryan... :-)

    So nice to know more about you!!

  2. Well deserved!
    I'm with you and Wolfie: Breakfast at Tiffany's. *sigh* Audrey is so beautiful. Why can't I look like that?!
    One of my favorite movies: Bringing up Baby. But that's Katherine Hepburn.
    Off to check out the new blogs!

  3. Thanks for the award :) You rock. Fun fact, I did a biography report on Audrey in high school.

  4. Well congratulations on the award, and thanks for the shout out for On the Line! And now I have other new blogs to check out. All the best!

  5. Congratulations on the award. I love Jeff Bridges too. I had an idea while reading all about you. Why don't you work on writing a children's book for your niece with sketched illustrations? A horsey theme and you could have it published for her birthday or a special day.


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