Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tucker's Grandfather

I realized that I've never explained who Tucker's grandfather is.  He's somewhat famous, so I'd say he deserves a little space on the blog.  Tucker's grandfather (Keizer's father), is the KWPN Stallion of the Century 2000, Nimmerdor.

Quoted from

Nimmerdor was foaled in 1972 by Mr.Dijkstar of Woudend and was bought as a two and a half-year-old at a stallion show by Wiepke van de Lagewag. He was not approved at the time, nor was he vetted before purchase, but Wiepke felt confident enough in the stallion to part with the sum of 25,000 guilders.

‘He had something very special about him,’ said Mr.Wiepke van de lagewag. Wiepke originally started breeding only as a hobby in 1972, but perhaps realised upon seeing Nimmerdor that here was the stallion to take his venture on to a more serious level? Whatever the reason, with the purchase of Nimmerdor the VDL Stud was undoubtedly born.

When Nimmerdor was performance tested, he clearly excelled at jumping and so began his steady progression onto the world of International Showjumping. Ridden by Albert Vroom, he successfully competed in many World Cups and International Competitions, and he was accordingly invited to the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Feeling however that the stallion needed to concentrate upon breeding duties, Wiepke declined the invitation. Wiepke certainly knew what he was doing, for Nimmerdor’s progeny have since proven themselves many times the world over.

Nimmerdor has sired 18 KWPN approved sons, 39 approved KWPN grandsons, and has sired more than 40 approved stallions in the various warmblood registries.  (I got this information from VDL's website, from Nimmerdor's biography.)

My favorite photos of Nimmerdor:

And here are my favorite Nimmerdor offspring:


I also love Nimmerdor's brother, who has the sweetest pony face:

So those are all of Tucker's famous relatives... hard to believe my sweet goofy horse comes from such fancy roots, but he does.  I guess that's why I shouldn't be surprised that he thinks 3'6" is a cake walk... considering his brothers and sisters and uncles and cousins are out there winning grand prix.  But Tucker's stuck with me, so no grand prix for him.  Somehow, I don't think he minds too much.

Hope you all have a very happy holiday, and I hope your families all let you have a little horsey time!


  1. Wow, that's one talented, good looking family!

    Have a safe and happy holiday!!! Enjoy your friends and family.

  2. He certainly comes from a beautiful line of horses. This is Ozzy's grandfather, also famous in his industry:

  3. haaaaand-some!!! it's so cool to trace your horses ancestry. I know Lucy's parents names but still haven't found any photos of them. I don't think they were particularly high-caliber racehorses.


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