Friday, December 3, 2010

Some Good Reads and a Friday Funny

I didn't ride last night so I don't have much to report personally... but we're doing a clinic tomorrow with Mark Jungherr, so be prepared for what I'm sure will be a very interesting post recapping that over the weekend. 

There are a few things I've been reading lately that I find truly fascinating though, and wanted to share them with you.  Have you guys been reading these already?  If not, you should.

Linny and Sojourner Ride from Coast to Coast.  This blog is about a woman who rode from CA to NH on her horse Sojourner, while her partner rode alongside in the "support truck."  The places she sees and people she meets along the way are really interesting, and the overwhelming generosity of strangers that you read about on this blog will give you a little more faith in humanity.  I found them when they were mid-way through West Virginia but have been going back and reading her posts from the start, and it reads like a novel.  She's a beautiful writer and the story is truly one of a kind.

Love Leads A Reluctant Rider On An Irish Equestrian Adventure.  This is a series of articles at COTH written by a man who is not a horse person, and travels to Ireland with his new girlfriend only to discover that she's one of those crazy horse obsessed individuals like us.  It's very funny, and I think I've got a bit of a crush on him, to be honest.

Horses:  So Much More than a Hobby.  Stacy's recent post at Behind the Bit about balancing horses, life, marriage/relationships, and work.  I've been following the comments and I'm starting to see some trends.  Very interesting stuff.  Makes me want to write a book about it... perhaps someday I will....

And for the Friday Funny, please visit Jane's blog and watch Goofy:  How to Ride a Horse, which is a cartoon from 1941 that still holds up after all these years.  Those of us with horses will recognize certain sequences all too well....

Happy Friday!


  1. You should totally write a book! I have been reading Stacey's comments as well and they are very interesting. It's nice to not feel like a weirdo! haha

  2. omg...thanks, I am now OBSESSED with Linny!!!!!!!! So cool, so cool, so cool!

  3. Kristen: I'm kind of obsessed with her too! I just love imagining what it would be like to leave the world behind and take off with my horse on a grand adventure....

  4. I'm planning on writing a book of my journey with Jimmy - whenever there is some kind of conclusion! Hopefully many many years from now :-)

  5. These are great! Thanks, really enjoyed Linny, and Stacey's question and the comments section. Coth I'm waiting for when I have more time!

  6. Saddle up Tucker and go! I'm not sure I'm qualified to be the support truck driver, but I'd totally cheer you on as you ride into the sunset (um, cheer you on because you'd be off on a fabulous adventure with your horse, not because you'd be leaving -- I do technically like to see you once every ten years or so). ;-)


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