Thursday, December 9, 2010

Facebook Users: Denali's Mom Needs Our Help!!

Many of you are already following Tucker on facebook, and many of you probably already read Denali's Mom's Blog, but just in case there is some segment of the population that hasn't gotten the word from either of these sources....

First, login to facebook.  After you've scanned through your wall and found out that no one's doing anything all that exciting today (again), seen some cute pictures of somebody's kid/horse/dog, thought about reading an intellectually challenging or politically ground-breaking article that someone shared but then changed your mind, and lastly clicked through an album recently uploaded by someone you've never met, featuring people you've likewise never met, please follow the steps below:

1.  "Like" Smartpak Equine on facebook.

2.  "Like" Denali's Mom's photo, chosen as a finalist in Kerrits' 2nd Annual "What Were You Thinking When You Wore THAT to the Barn?" Makeover Contest. 

In case you need a visual aid, here is the photo:

I'm conducting a separate poll:  How many of you children of the 80s also had that bathing suit?  I am positive that I had the exact same one (because I thought I looked like Rainbow Brite, the Coolest Girl in the Universe, in it), and I noticed that several of the commenters on the photo also had it.  So, did you?  (No matter whether or not you wore it while riding a pony.)

Get out there and vote, tell your friends to vote, repost, share, spread the news, etc.  It would be so fun if one of our fellow bloggers won this, and we all know that this wonderful lady has been through heck lately and could really use a Win!!  She's in 3rd place right now... I think we can get this in the bag for her!

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