Monday, November 22, 2010

We're Back!

Hey there, sorry for the temporary radio silence.  I was traveling last week for work, a trip which included dinner with fellow bloggers Eva at High Tech Horse and Rachel at Dapple of My Eye.  I'm happy to tell you all that these ladies are just as charming, sweet, and fun as they seem on their blogs.  Lots of fun meeting them in person, and of course there were lots of equine related stories to be shared.

So Tucker got the week off, which isn't a bad thing since he's been working really hard lately.  So this weekend we had a couple of fairly light rides.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, so it was just nice to be outside and spending time with him.  I miss that sweet face so much when I'm away.  I'm so in love.

The first ride mostly entailed me attempting to motivate him to produce any gait other than plod, shuffle, and tranter.  He seemed to be really enjoying life as a couch potato and wasn't really sure that working hard was still in the job description.  Maybe he thought I had retired him after the Derby, like Seabiscuit?  (I shouldn't be complaining.  A horse whose reaction to a week off is laziness is a good one.)  Despite the lack of forward motion, his downward transitions were actually really good, he stayed soft and round and stepped under with his hind end a few times really nicely.  Then the pony that had been giving a lesson left just before we were done, and we had a moment where we weren't sure if we could hold it together when left all alone in the big scary indoor without our new best friend... but after a few moments of tension, he took a deep breath so we could finish up on a good note.  Good horsie.

For our second ride we still started out with an amble, which I managed to work up to a stroll, and eventually I think we actually had a walk (we were outside, so the wind may have been giving him some momentum).  Once I actually got him working at a tempo that felt like something a horse under 30 years old might be comfortable with, we worked on straightness.  We had apparently forgotten entirely about that whole half that goes behind the saddle, and how it should generally travel directly behind the rest of us... rather than, say, somewhere off to the side.  On the plus side, he gave me some really beautiful downward transitions again, and a great right lead canter. 

This week, despite the holiday, he's back to work.  He had today off, then I'll work him Tuesday and Wednesday, he'll have Thanksgiving off and Alicia will work him on Friday.  Then over the weekend we'll be making our first trip to Whitmere's new home base, which is a really nice farm in Oldwick, NJ (I'll be helping her update the website soon).  It's a little bit farther for me to ship to, but it sounds like a really nice facility, so I'm excited to check that out.  

So that's all the news I've got here in Tucker land.  Oh, one more thing... cute picture of Tucker and Alicia from last weekend.  The timing's a little too early, but I love the look on his face.


  1. Lazy days... for the ponies. I'm a little jealous that you actually met some bloggers. We spend so much time interacting online that it would be fun to meet in person.

    Any Julie news?

  2. So fun to meet your readers and fellow bloggers, how cool!
    I love that Tucker is lazy..what a goooood boy! He sure amps it up in the ring :)

  3. Nice pictures of Tucker and Alicia. I take it as a good thing when they've had some time off and are a little lazy instead of a little nuts. It's fun to meet horse bloggers in person isn't it. I've only met one so far, I couldn't believe she actually lived in the next town over. The internet really brings people together.


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