Friday, November 5, 2010

The Results are In... But I'm Out

The official results of the Jumper Poll:
  • Yes, absolutely! 17 (85%)
  • No, might be a bad idea. 0 (0%)
  • Not yet, maybe later in the season. 2 (10%)
  • Never! Stay in hunterland forever! 1 (5%)

Given the landslide victory, we are definitely going to be doing a jumper show in the near future.  I very much appreciated everyone's comments -- especially the fact that reasonable women differed in their conclusions!  Made me feel better about my ambivalence.  It's also really nice to see that we have so much support.  You guys are the best.
Sadly, this weekend isn't in the cards for me, but not for a bad reason.  My grandmother, whom I love very, very much, is celebrating her 89th birthday on Monday (yeah, yeah, I know I should have realized that earlier in the week, but I remembered by Wednesday, that counts right?  So hard to keep track of birthdays for the over-80 set.  None of them are on facebook).  What does she want for her birthday?  Cold hard cash, to head to Atlantic City with on Monday!  I love that woman.  She makes us laugh so much.  So anyway, I'll be doing family stuff this weekend and our jumper debut will have to wait.
As some of you suggested, when we finally do our jumper show (notice I said "when," not "if") we'll be doing the Level Zeros (Do they really have to call it that though?  Seriously?  My ego is fragile enough, without being called a Zero), which are set at 2'9".  It will be just for practice, so we'll be taking our time and I'll be paying attention to my equitation, and his pace and straightness.  Not sure when we can fit in the jumpers in the next couple of months around the hunter shows we have planned, but I will keep you all posted! 
In case you are in need of something to do this weekend (now that you won't be waiting by your screens for the results of the Level Zeros, check out the live feed at Syracuse!


  1. First, Happy Birthday Grandma!!

    Level Zero? Seriously? That's just wrong. I can think of so many names that don't take an ice-pick to entrant's egos. "Schooling Level" or "Two-Nine Level" come to mind. Or how about "Intro Level"

    Zero? I suppose we should be happy it's not in the negative numbers. "Now entering the arena in the -5 class..."

  2. Boo, that is like a size does that mean you don't exist?! I don't have to worry about it, but I dont like seeing it. lol!
    Happy Bday Grams!


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