Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Election Day, After All

So please vote (in the poll you see on the right of your screen).

I am considering doing the jumpers at Duncraven on Sunday.  Just for fun.  But I have reservations... (no, no, not for dinner.  I meant have concerns). 

On the one hand, it would be good practice.  We'd have to do some more handy turns, some broken lines, probably at least a one-stride or a two-stride, all of which would be good exercises for us.  It would also be good practice for me to keep riding forward between the jumps and around the turns.  I wouldn't be going fast or making tight inside turns or anything, just using it as a schooling day.  We'd probably learn at lot, and it might actually be fun.  These are the obvious benefits.

On the other hand, I finally have my confidence back.  I am finally feeling relaxed at horse shows and have pretty much eliminated the terrible case of show nerves I developed a year or so back.  I don't want to give either Tucker or myself a negative experience that would send me ricocheting back to nutjob land (and subsequently drive him to the point where he loses all patience with me and my ridiculous worrying).  I've got a stock pile of things that could go wrong:  I could get lost [pretty high likelihood of this -- jumper courses make my head hurt -- though all that's at stake there is my pride].  I could bury him coming into a combination, or he could lose his power steering in a combination.  I could have one of those scary Marissa-in-Orbit fences that usually ends with Tucker landing in an angry coil and exploding.  [We haven't done that in a while; I'd be just fine if it never happened again.]

Alicia thinks it would be a good idea (it was her suggestion), though I'm not entirely surprised.  She's been stealthily calling me over to the dark side for years now.  Personally, I think she finds the hunters a little boring, though she's doing a fabulous job anyway of turning us into winners in the AA Hunter ring (and she's always been careful never to yawn right in front of us). 

I can't decide, and since Tucker hasn't actually learned to talk yet (though I feel strongly that one day he will), I can't leave it up to him.  So, I'm leaving it up to our readers.  If you guys decide that we should go, then we'll go.  If you think it's a mistake, we'll probably go for another trail ride instead, and we'll do the hunters the following weekend.  And if you think we should wait a while and do a jumper show later in the year, we'll figure out another time (plenty of other opportunities).  Please make my decision for me!


  1. If you ride it like an eq course, slowly and carefully, it would be an excellent schooling exercise - go for it! I'd enter at a height a bit below what you do in hunters, to make it a confidence builder for both of you.

  2. If you have any doubts about it then I wouldn't do it. You wouldn't want to lose your confidence as you pointed out. On the other hand it might be fun if you only use it as a schooling practice. If it were me I'd opt out for now, Tucker may get a bit confused after the hunter ring. I think if you want to do something different and less boring maybe equitation classes would be a next step. I never liked the hunters because I thought it was boring too(although I did do it for a while) and opted for equitation. I figured it was the in-between competition. My daughter did jumpers but I never really liked it for me, too much to remember.Not much help from me I guess. Do what you feel comfortable with.

  3. I vote for yes, but this is also coming from the person who just 2 short days ago was trying to talk you and Tucker in to doing the jumpers. If you need a groom, photographer, or therapist I am free and happy to return a favor. I say go for it!

  4. I am a huge fan of doing the jumpers - I'm a jumper rider at heart but there's something about a green horse learning to do the hunters...that you need to really keep on them if that's going to be their real job - IMO. Later down the road when Tucker REALLY knows through & through that his job is to be a hunter and there's no question in his mind about it - then go for it. Kate makes an excellent point about riding it like an eq course, however I still have my own reserves because it's hard enough making greenies go straight down a line, land, lead change, turn the corner. Bringing roll backs & broken lines into the mix too soon can create question about that "straight line" part. JMO

  5. I think use it only as a schooling thing. What Kate said, jump a little lower so you know the height won't be a problem so you can really concentrate on your turns, your set up, your stride lengths. Even if you only jump once I think it would be good. Tucker is awesome and will take you around safely!!!!!

  6. I voted to stay in hunterland forever bc jumpers scare me and hunters?...are awesome :)

    But on a serious note: you rock, tuck rocks... DO IT

  7. Do it!! And get the poster who volunteered to take pictures to do that!!

    I'm not saying you need to get all crazy-go-nuts on the course and freak yourself out, but it could be a fun challenge.

  8. I think you should do it, and have FUN! Like you said, it would be a great way to practise what you have been doing at home. You can still ride a jumper course like it is a hunter course, it just has different questions in it.

    I was a die hard hunter, on a whim decided to try jumpers at a show one day and never went back to hunters (with that horse) again. don't get me wrong, I love thae challenge of putting in a 'perfect hunter round,' but I think it is so much easier to gauge your progress personally when you don't have someone else's (the judges) opinion clouding your thoughts.

    Go for it and have fun!!!

  9. I'm falling in the "do it" category, with what Kate said, and Nina. Lower height, forget the race, use it carefully as a schooling event. My question is, "would you pretend do it at home?" If the answer is yes, GO.

    (I'm surprised at my answer, btw)


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