Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And So Begins Julie's Career

Well it looks like Tucker isn't the only nice little hunter in the family, and looks like I have another reason to smile.  Thought I'd share with you all the email I received from Celia and Larry at Stones Throw Farm bringing big news about Miss Julie.

Hi there Marissa:

Well, just about done with the summer craziness. I was thinking I would have to restart my 3 year olds and then start Julie and a couple other young horses.  But my 3 yr olds were super after having 4 months off, I lunged them 5 minutes, jumped on and they went around like they never had a break...  very proud of those girls, they are nice horses.  Julie is ready to start I think, so if you give the ok we will bring her in and she'll start being treated like a big horse.  Live in a stall, get a daily grooming, a bath and start work in the round pen, and if all goes well I should be sitting on her in a couple weeks.  

We would like to start her this week, and hopefully by Christmas or early January you'll have a nice broke filly. It's funny how these horses are, she has now kind of separated herself from the group, as far as she comes right up and stands at the gate hoping we'll put a halter on her and bring her to the barn... kind of like they know when it's time to start doing something in life.

I'll take some pictures along the way and try to remember to send them. I think your going to have a pretty nice hunter mare, definitely has a great trot.  Here are some more pictures I took that think you don't have.

Talk to you soon and your other horse looks great -- good job last weekend!

Celia & Larry

And here are the new pictures that came along with the email:

Big things are happening in this family lately!  I just hope I can keep up with these amazing horses!


  1. YAY Julie. I hope they (and you ) promise to keep us updated on her progress!

  2. swoon over Julie's beauty..I can't imagine she will be anything short of amazing.

  3. Go Julie! She truly is a jewel in the crown of your horse family. What a beautiful, gorgeous mare. I love her. Wishing her and you good things in the future.

  4. EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK! SO excited for you! She is so dropgorgeous!

  5. She's so beautiful - can't wait to hear more!

  6. How exciting! She is beautiful.

  7. Love her! (Now that she isn't rearing and striking, of course). If I win the lottery, I'll steal her out of their pasture and mail you a check later.

  8. BIG things! Julie is growing up!!
    She is an incredibly beautiful mare, I can't wait to start hearing about her adventures as well


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