Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tucker Makes Friends with a Big Yellow Horse

Tucker has a new turnout buddy!  I am happy to report that they went out together for the first time this weekend, after meeting over the fence for a few days, and they were instant friends. 

"Tigger" is the alpha, which was clear from the start, and Tucker's just fine with that arrangement.  He's not an alpha by nature, and when he gets put in that position by default (i.e., when he meets a horse even lower on the totem pole than he is), it doesn't work out well for anybody.  My theory is he's not secure enough to really be the leader, so he ends up getting mean and defensive.  If somebody else is willing to kindly keep him in line though, it can be a very pleasant experience for everyone.

So far Tucker hasn't made any attempts to annoy Tigger, and I'm hoping it lasts so that he can continue to have a friend to graze with.  He can go out by himself, if there are other horses in close range, but he's really not happy about it.  If he's turned out alone, he'll eventually settle down and graze, but he does a lot of pacing the fence lines, he calls out frequently, and when he sees another horse coming in, he'll start to run.  So, it gives me (and Tucker) great peace of mind if he's got a friend.  Tigger's been in need of a turnout buddy for a while too, so fingers crossed that the bliss continues with these two adorable horses!

Don't you just love to watch a bunch of horses happily enjoying their turnout on a crisp sunny day?


  1. They look very happy together, and make a nice combination!

  2. AWWWWW Tucker has a new friend - I love that!

  3. awww Tigger is cute! Bodhi is the same he is oober wimpy. He does best with kind and benevolent leaders.


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