Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Savings with Smartpak

This is a follow-up to Stacey's most recent post on Behind the Bit.  I had done a similar comparison, just for myself, to see whether I really was saving money (in addition to time, aggravation, etc.) by using Smartpaks.  Turns out I am.

As you can see, if I ordered the same supplements from Smartpak, instead of in packs, I'd end up spending more money because of the shipping costs, and because I'd have to make multiple orders (since the buckets are different sizes).  Since U-Gard and Cool Calories are the same size, I could split the shipping on them, but not for the SmartCombo.  (Fyi, SmartCombo has the active ingredients of SmartFlex II Support, SmartShine, SmartDigest, and SmartHoof.)  In Smartpaks, I ship them with the BarnBuddies account for $3.95.
If I tried to get similar supplements from my local Dover store, I'd need to order four different ones, and spend more money, even though I'd be saving on shipping.  So, even without the shipping costs, there's really no savings by buying the supplements myself.   

This isn't a paid endorsement or anything (I wish), just thought it might be helpful to someone else who thinks Smartpaks are too expensive.  They're so much more efficient and come with such peace of mind (I know he's getting exactly what he's supposed to be getting) that I think it would be worth it, even if it were a little more expensive.  But since it's cheaper too... it's a no brainer for me!


  1. You have a local Dover store? Wow...

    It worked out about the same for me as far as expenses. Besides, it's so much easier to just dump the little packets into her senior instead of measuring constantly. Seriously... I used to do the measure method for 24+ horses. Not fun.

  2. I love SmartPaks so much!!! I just put in my free shipping code every month so I save the $7.95!! Jimmy loves his Cosequin ASU and Farrier's Formula ;-)


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