Thursday, October 7, 2010

Excerpts from last night's ride

On Tuesday, I lunged Tucker in the new indoor ring.  I have a terrible head cold and I just wasn't in the mood for any Drama Llama action, so I figured if he was going to bounce around like a circus monkey I'd rather be holding the end of the lunge line instead of on his back.  He was dead quiet of course. 

So this evening was our first ride.  Below are some excerpts of how things went.

Immediately after I got on, Tucker was holding his breath, and bug eyed.

T:  *Snort.* I might spook.
M:  Okay, no problem.
T:  Seriously, hang on, I might explode.
M:  Yup, I'm ready.
T:  Big Sigh. There's nothing really that scary in here.
M:  You want to just get to work then?
T:  Yeah, I guess.

A few minutes into our trot work, Tucker goes racing down the long side toward the barn.

M:  Uh, where ya goin?
T:  I'm herd bound!
M:  Really.
T:  Yes!  Can't be alone!  In a big hurry!
M:  You've known these horses for three days.
T:  Yeah but we've really bonded.  I miss them.
M:  Uh huh.  Well, let's keep going forward then.
T:  Oh. Um. This is getting hard.  I'll slow down.

We spent the rest of the ride staring out the door of the indoor at all possible moments, just in case there was something going on back at the barn that we were missing.

M:  Can you move your haunches left please?  This circle is starting to feel like a rhombus.
T:  What's going on out the door?
M:  Tucker, move you haunches over please.
T:  I think they might be getting more hay.
M:  Tucker, haunches to the left.  NOW.
T:  I wonder if they've noticed I'm gone.
T:  Huh?  What?  Oh were you talking to me?
M:  No, the other horse in the ring.
T:  There's another horse in here?  I don't see another horse.  I don't get it.
M:  Nevermind.  Can you please pay attention?
T:  Did I just hear someone whinny?

We did actually have about three minutes of concentration and worked on our left lead transitions.  They were excellent, for what that's worth.  I suppose I'll have to give him a few more days to settle in.  Or perhaps see if our vet will write him a prescription for Ritalin.  Either way.


  1. funnies post ever. thanks for the laughs girl. I needed that before my work meeting tonight.... keep entertaining us tucker!

  2. Poor Tucker is not even in double digits yet! Don't be so hard on him. He is still a relative baby (don't you turn that around, you know what I mean). I am sure he will settle down in a few days. And if not I stand by my previous assessment that your new barn has juju issues.

  3. this made me die laughing! Ohhhhh the drama llama strikes again! So awesome.


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