Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Julie, aka Moondance, my beautiful little girl

Photos courtesy of Golden's friend Ashley, one of my new favorite people!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see how pretty she is turning out to be.  For a while I was wishing someone had bought her as a yearling, then I was feeling like a horrible owner/mother for not seeing her for almost a year (actually, tomorrow is one full year since she arrived in FL).  But seeing these pictures, I have nothing to worry about.  She looks beautiful, her weight is good, she's clean and well cared for, she seems relaxed and happy, and she's out with a big group of friends all the time, just as I'd keep her myself if the right situation presented itself locally.  Her diet is nutritious, her routine is just right, her farm is absolutely beautiful, and she looks like she is reaping the benefits.  Even better, through the amazing social networks we have available online these days, I now have a friend-of-a-friend looking out for her, who so kindly trimmed her mane up for me last weekend because she was getting awfully hot under her flowing locks.  I am so happy to have made this connection.  I trust Celia and Larry implicitly, they are wonderful horse people, but now I can get regular facebook updates from one of the people looking out for my little darling!

I'm starting to feel awfully lucky that no one snatched her up as a yearling.  She may end up being quite the contender in the hunter ring in a few years!  I must say though, that these pictures make me miss her terribly.  I am definitely going to go see her for a weekend over the winter.  I want to kiss that pretty little nose very badly!

She may need to just settle down with all this growing though.... sheesh.


  1. Just beautiful, and as you say, looking very contented. Going to be big, huh?!! :)

  2. She's beautiful. I have a special place in my heart for paints. I'm sure she would do well in the hunter ring too. We had one of the best paints in the world and he was a superstar in the equitation ring. Good luck and I hope you get to kiss her nose soon.

  3. Wow she is beautiful! How old is she now?

  4. Thank you! She just turned two in June. They grow up so fast. :)

  5. I want you're hh stick! Ours is takes about 10 minutes just to guess how high the horse is.


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