Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ah, the old "Champagne Taste, Beer Pocketbook" thing...

Have you ever noticed that your actual available funds seem to be inversely proportionate to the cost of the items on your wish list? 

I'm supposed to be saving money right now.  I'm on a pretty tight budget, due to some recent non-horse related big expenses (necessary evils, so to speak), so I can't spend money on anything that isn't an absolute necessity for Tucker.  But, there are so many things I want.....

Right now, what I am coveting is a custom wool cooler for the winter.  Sure, he has a fleece cooler and a cheapo wool cooler that we won when he was champion at a winter show series, but I want a really nice, heavy duty, warm cooler in my very own chosen colors.  Maybe a Triple Crown, maybe a Blue Ribbon, maybe one from the Clothes Horse.  There are also a bunch of Integrity dress sheets on ebay, but for that kind of money, I'm pretty sure I want to pick the colors out myself.  Pretty much everything Tucker owns is navy, gray, or hunter green, so it would probably be some combination of those colors.  I love the way he looks in gray, especially with his seal colored winter coat.  I'm thinking maybe a gray wool cooler, with a navy trim, and white and hunter green double piping.  Wouldn't that be sharp?  Or maybe a custom plaid, like a navy herringbone, with navy trim, hunter green and gray double piping.  Gorgeous.  Then sometimes, I like to think out of the box, and go for something that will just look lovely with Tucker's coloring.  Say, for example, a brown houndstooth, with light blue and tan double piping, or maybe even just light blue braiding, and dark brown trim.  He would look even handsomer than usual....

And then there's the other item I lust after every winter.  Custom full chaps.  I know they're out of fashion, I know no one wears them anymore, but I'm officially a dinosaur now (hit 30 on Monday) so I'm allowed to be out of fashion right?  (Note, I do have a pair of full chaps, but I had them made for me in high school, so they're not exactly a custom fit anymore!)  I've done my homework, and have determined that Ladysmith Chaps are my favorites.  I think I'd get chocolate colored smooth-side-out chaps with baby blue and cream double piping, with pale blue fancy stitching and a monogram on the back.  No fringe, just understated and pretty.  Or maybe I'd go with Tucker's colors and get light gray, with navy and hunter green piping and dark gray trim and yoke, with a monogram inset on the front hip.  Or who knows?  Maybe I'd go totally daring and make the stripe and yoke a gray or navy faux snakeskin or crocodile?  The possibilities are endless.  As the website says, if I can dream it, she can find it. 

I guess this is my way of being a girl?  I don't get excited about shoes, or dresses, or purses, or jewelry.  I have a couple of nice things that I like because they feel like "me," but I've never walked past a shop window and drooled over a pair of stillettos like I've seen almost all of my friends do at some point.  But give me a wide array of wool swatches or a stack of pretty leather colors and I'm dazzled. 

Sadly, neither of these items are even close to in the budget, at least for the next few months.  But thank you my dear readers, for indulging me on this one.  I realize these are far from real problems, and I should just be happy I have two healthy happy horses and forget spending money on these silly luxuries, but I can't help my coveting...  Tell me, what items are on your wish list right now (whether in budget or not -- let's have a little fun).  It's good to have goals right, even if they're just shopping goals?


  1. Well, I turned 54 last week, so if you are officially a dinosaur at 30, what does that make me!!! :-) Belated birthday wishes! I love those chaps, btw, and I like your chocolate and blue colour combo. Maybe Ladysmith has a payment plan....... :-)

  2. I looove full chaps in the winter. I am like you that my full chaps from highschool don't exactly fit well anymore too!

  3. It seems like my wishlist is getting longer and longer. I have too many expensive hobbies and not enough resources to fund them all. I have a couple of items on the 'need' list, and a few on the 'want' list. I need a 1200 denier turnout sheet or light blanket because all my other 600 denier ones have holes. I will be needing a new pair of both paddock and tall boots soon, both are looking a little faded and worn. I'm also going to start needing to look for a few more sets of reins, since my old faithfuls are cracking pretty badly.

    I want herringbone/plaid inlaid breeches, maybe in some chocolate or gray color, a new high end show bridle that's just slightly two toned but most of all of the best quality, I want to try out a bunch of new bits but those get expensive REALLY fast, I'd also love to get a dressage saddle (there's a schleese on Craigslist in my area for $1200!!) just to fool around in.

    ok, I have to stop now!

  4. Welcome to the club and bring on the full chaps :)

  5. I borrowed a nice wool cooler last winter and it was REALLY nice. I hear you on that one.

    Not so much the chaps though; never worn fulls.


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