Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Pics of the Julie Girl!!

In a stunning reminder that this really is a small world, one of Golden's friends is working at Stones Throw where Julie lives.  And thanks to the wonders of facebook, I got to see some new pics of Julie!  I figured it was high time I share them with you.  I've spent the past 20 minutes or so cooing to my computer screen and telling her pretty little black and white face how pretty she is and how big she's getting.  So lovely! 

Julie is the one on the right in this one (compare with this one [scroll down] to see how much she's changed):

And she's the one in the middle in these two:

She's not in this one (I think might be a younger herd) but it was so cute I had to share it too!  Don't you love their happy little romping feet?

And here's one more of her in all her spotted splendor... I assume trotting toward the food cart...

A big, big thank you to Golden for making this connection for me.  So happy to see my little girl looking good!  She's certainly turning into a very nice looking mare.  Can't wait to see her again!


  1. She is beautiful!!! Her eyes are so soft. How wonderful that blogging and Facebook helped....the world it is definitely getting smaller and smaller.

  2. She is so gorgeous!! I love her shooting star. It looks like she curiously nudged a fallen star with her muzzle, and it shot up to her forehead and stayed for the sheer joy of running with a horse!

    Thanks Golden! I love seeing the pics too. :)


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