Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Funny

First -- THANK YOU for all the "Wows" on my last post!  You guys made us all feel very special.  It was a great week, full of some great memories:  some we'll be smiling about, some we'll be cringing about, and a lot we'll be laughing about for a long time. 

My hiaitus has been due to the fact that I'm working through some things with Tucker and not quite sure what I want to say about them yet.  Might be training issues, might be physical issues, could be some combination thereof, but until I figure out what's what, I might have to keep it to myself for a little bit.  If so, I'll try to be entertaining nonetheless.  On the other hand, in my quest to figure out what's going on, I may have to blog about it.  I don't like keeping things from my readers (the devoted handful of you that there are), and sometimes writing really helps me sort things out, particularly when I know someone's going to read it.  We shall see.  Please try to bear with me as I muddle through like always.

So... on that note...  Please see below, and be prepared to snort.  Of course, I take no credit for this, it was pulled from Tack of the Day at some point (a site you should bookmark, if you don't know about it already)... but some of it could have been pulled right out of my stream-of-consciousness as I go around a course.  It does poke some serious fun at Hunter Princesses like myself, but you have to laugh at yourself right? 

I wish I could credit the original author of this but unfortunately I can't find it online.  I think it might have appeared originally in Practical Horseman?  Anyway, suffice it to say that I found it online, am not claiming it as my own, and would greatly like to credit the creator if only they hadn't shared it publicly without expressing their ownership of it.  (Do you think that disclaimer would protect me from the angry copyright gods?)


  1. love it marissa. you mean im not the only scardey cat (wannabe-one-day) hunter princess???

  2. I loved this! I could actually relate to some, even though I don't jump; my favourites were nail polished chipped and apply leg in a spastic fit of confidence! LOL. Sending you positive thoughts your way regarding the training issues.

  3. Hilarious! Love it.."Ohhh what pretty flowers" lol!

  4. You have a very nice horse and he is lucky to have such a devoted companion, even if you *are* a copyright infringer (aw, ok, just kiddin').

  5. Hilarious. Hang on, I'm choking....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    It's long! It's short! It's long! Close my eyes... AHHHHHHHH. I don't jump and I can totally relate.

    Uh. On second reading, it looks just like one of my "planned" workouts. (minus the jumps)

    Oh I can't wait to get caught up on your blog!

  6. Hah!That is great!

    By the by I have a friend who works at stone throw farm. I told her about you being my intereweb friend and she took pictures of your girl and posted them on facebook for me. I could email them to you or maybe we could add each other on the ole FB :)


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