Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We now return you to your regularly programmed horse

Had a lovely weekend with my horse, which I needed, seeing as how the last horse show made me want to post an ad in the "Horse Giveaways" section of COTH.  All part of the process, reminding me that even the good ones are going to have bad weeks once in a while. 

On Friday we had a lesson, and since the outdoor rings are getting new footing, we jumped in the indoor.  We worked again on getting him to accept a soft contact on both reins, and maintaining that contact around a course.  It was a good lesson and he was very well behaved.  I even carefully demonstrated that one needs both legs along with both hands, otherwise one might make one's horse jump from a complete standstill, pause for a moment while only half of one's horse on the other side of the fence, and then one's horse might have to heave his hind end over to the other side.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.  Ahem.  (Good thing Tucker has a sense of humor!)

On Saturday I rode him out in the field along with Alicia and Junior and had a blast.  I worked on straightness and did some counter-canter, which I thought would be good for making him hold the lead all the way across the diagonal instead of anticipating a lead change.  Then we played around with some of the natural jumps out there.  We jumped the little brush, the stone wall, and then jumped up and down the little bank jump.  Tucker loved it!  It was a good confidence booster for me too, to just go out and have some fun and not think about trying to make things perfect.  We are going to plan a trip and take Tucker and Junior over to Paper Road Farm where I live and jump some of the cross country jumps there.  Should be fun!

On Sunday, since the heat wave was beginning, we went for a nice walking trail ride through the woods and meadows with Oliver, Brooke's new horse.  Tucker loves trail rides, of course, and thought this was a great way to spend the morning.


  1. I'm so glad things are back to normal. Bad days happen. Granite had one on Sunday and Reno had one yesterday. Its hard for us over achieving perfectionists of the world to remind ourselves that it doesn't ALWAYS have to be perfect :)

  2. Eventing, eventing, eventing...see how much fun you could be having???? Keep jumping those logs sister ;)

  3. Glad to hear Tucker is back to earth so to speak. I knew it was a fluke!

    I often loose the nice contact when we are practicing fences or ground poles and he comes up above the bit. I am never sure if this is just a greenie balance issue or if I should focus more on keeping him round. What would you think?

  4. Golden - I think you're right, it's a balance thing. It definitely took a few years for Tucker to be able to accept a soft contact over fences, and we're still working on it. I think that dropping them or chucking the reins at them in front of the fence can be very disruptive to their train of thought... one minute you're there, next minute you're gone, but I think maintaining balance and roundness over fences is a work in progress for most young horses. As with everything else, I find that the ultimate goal is to have all your flat work carry over into your jumping (your collection, your impulsion, even your lateral work when needed) but it takes time to perfect it. My guess would be that Bodhi is still trying to sort out his balance over poles and fences. I would just work in a single little cross rail or cavaletti every once in a while in between your flatwork, so he starts making the connection between the two, instead of seeing flat work and jumping as two separate exercises. You're well on your way with him though!


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