Monday, July 26, 2010

Still in the clouds....

That's where my head is right now.  I keep thinking about the horse show, the sights, the sounds, the smells... the people, the horses, the golf carts, the bikes... the rings, the jumps, the footing....  I've made up my mind.  Next year, I am going to get the circuit stall.  I'll take the first week off work and stay up there, and then we'll go back for my classes the next two weekends.  I can't stand the fact that the horse show is still going on and I'm missing it!  (I'm such a little kid!)

Our classes over the weekend went well.  Not brilliant, but very good, by my standards.  On Saturday, the pace was just right, and I never missed a distance, but we had one late lead change in each class.  Definitely showing signs of progress in the pace department, which of course makes finding the distance a no-brainer for either of us.  I was really hoping we had the changes down, but we did get several of them as well as missing a couple, so all in all, not a bad day.  He was also 8th in the hack out of 16 horses, which was excellent.  I didn't see how everyone moved, but I noticed that the first two horses were very straight legged movers, no bend in the knee at all.  With judges that like that kind of movement, Tucker isn't usually in the top ribbons, because he's got more athletic movement with a little bend in his knee.  All depends on what they like.  Still though, an 8th out of that many, in such top quality company, makes me happy.

On Sunday (yesterday), the pace was a bit slow.  I'm not used to having to send him forward so much!  He was very relaxed, probably a little tired, and since he was so used to the horse show routine by that point, going in the ring didn't give him the usual extra energy that it does at a one-day show.  So I needed to move up more than I did, and ride more forward through the turns.  Since I'm so unfamiliar with that ride on him, I didn't know how much leg I needed, and ended up being just a little under the pace we needed in both rounds.  We had a couple of good lines, a couple of chips, and one very unfortunate line where Tucker earned his dinner and then some.  It was a triple, across the diagonal, five strides to a two stride.  We jumped in quietly, I didn't move up enough, we did five and a half, and then the poor guy had to figure his way out of the two stride.  "Gee, thanks mom.  You just buried me, and now I have to find my way out of this???  No, no, don't worry about me, I'll just figure it out like I always do.  Hang on up there, here we go...."  But of course, in perfect Tucker form, he dragged us through two strides and left long, jumped me a little loose but saved my butt and got us out of there in one piece.  Such a trooper.  Thankfully, I redeemed myself and managed to at least jump the last line of that course very well, with a nice forward rhythm.  So, the horse show ended on a good note.  We only missed one lead change that day, and either landed the lead or got the change everywhere else.  Very good boy! 

Alicia's husband Russ came with us, the official photographer for, and took some great shots of all of us.  We also have video of Saturday's rounds, so I'll post those too if I can figure out how to get them off Alicia's camera.  I'll be posting a bunch more pictures on the Whitmere website soon once I go through them all, but for now, here is my favorite one of Tucker from Thursday:

I'm already planning our next horse shows... now that I'm having so much fun with my horse, I just want to keep going!


  1. Cute photo - and it really sounds like you had fun this time! He sounds like a really nice horse to show on, who is able to keep himself and you out of trouble when needed - horses like that are worth their weight in gold!

  2. Gorgeous picture! Sounds like Tucker likes the show world as much as you do. How great is that?! Enjoy!

  3. Yay Tucker!! You gusy give me hope for the future. Glad you're having fun.

  4. What a great horse! I am glad to hear you guys are having so much fun together!


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