Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prayers for Rugby

Although this is a non-denominational blog, I have to ask you to say a prayer or think positive thoughts or send positive vibes or whatever it is that you might do in a time of need for one of Tucker's online buddies, Rugby, a horse who is very sick right now and needs all the positive energy he can get.  His poor mother Solitaire Mare has been through such a rough time with him, and is now facing the most difficult decision any horse owner can come to.  So, please take a minute and think of this big beautiful horse and wish him well.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of him, in case you don't follow his blog.

I have moments every day where I am overwhelmed with gratitude and simply amazed that I have the chance to have these two beautiful horses in my life, but stories like Rugby's really remind you how very lucky we all are. 

I would love to hear what it is about your horse, your riding, or your life with horses that you are most grateful or thankful for.  As for me, I am most grateful for:
  • Tucker's never-ending supply of forgiveness for all my mistakes;
  • The way Tucker closes his eyes and rests his head in my lap when he's laying down sleeping;
  • How Tucker follows the sound of my voice when he's in his stall or on the cross-ties;
  • The moment that Julie was born, when she looked right at me and I told her "you are my favorite thing!";
  • The confident look in Julie's eye, as though she already knows she's the prettiest girl in the room.
I really can't imagine what Rugby's mom must be feeling right now, but I hope that she can find a little more strength to help her and Rugby get through this.  Hopefully it will be a little comfort for her to know that her blogger friends are thinking of her and the Big Guy.  I am sure that she has a long list of moments with Rugby that she is grateful for, and I am wishing that she'll have more to come.


  1. It's just not fair. Poor girl and poor Rugby. I know that awful feeling of feeling defeat, and anger.
    I am one of the lucky (LUCKY) girls who went against modern medicine when it wasn't working and found someone who helped us thru a more natural method. Doesn't work for all, but it's working for us so far. Every friggin day is a miracle that I'm grateful for.
    I now have a bond with my horse, pulling him thru our depressing times and health issues that I'm so thankful for. We are connected.

  2. I am not religious but I am send as many positive thought their way! It is just gut wrenching to read, I could not imagine experiencing it first hand.
    I am thankful for Bodhi's never ending patience and forgiveness as well. Horses are amazing!

  3. It's just awful. We've been keeping them both in our prayers.

    I'm grateful for Lily's willingness to work as if she's being ridden by much more talent riders, and teaching us in every ride how to be better.

  4. I think she is being very brave and strong. It is an emotional roller coaster when your horse is so sick, I went through a lot with my late mare and I do not wish it on anybody.

    What am I grateful for with Sam?
    1)The days when the darkness of fear is nearly too much that I think I just can't go on with horses - the days when even mounting and walking seems to hard - these are the days Sam is his quietest. He just seems to know that I need him to be quiet, good, kind and loving.
    2) When I think I am getting no where with Sam - training wise and I think I should just give up, everything falls into place and reminds me to be patient.
    3) I love that he trusts me and enjoys getting out into the bush with just a halter and we go for a lovely quiet slow canter
    4) I am grateful for the love Sam bestows on me (when he feels like it!)
    5) I am grateful for his horsey smell!

  5. Praying, for sure. I'm so sorry for both. What a tough tough call.

    My gratitude list:

    1. I'm grateful for the psychotherapy: horses never lie, and they call me on any dishonesty I'm busily convincingly myself is the truth.

    2. I am honored that three of my guys who refused to talk to me (one for years!) now not only talk, they rarely shut up. We have entire conversations: usually about food and the ideal sequence of events they've pre-planned for my arrival. Food being the first ten things on the list. I SO understand this.

    3. Tiny's emotional psychic abilities, and the love he shows by doing what I need him to do, not what I think I want him to do when I'm "off".

    4. Hudson's ability to ask questions during a workout, and wait for an answer, and his desire to include fun in our day. He goes to great lengths to make me look like I ride beautifully. I also love his internal eye-rolling at my stupidity on everything to do with roping. He gives me so much patience, and is very kind in going along with what he views as pointless details. Like standing still when I get on. Or letting ME open the gate, when clearly he is closer by 3 feet and can simply shove it open with his muzzle.

    5) Sunshine's big big heart and his willingness to trust me with his life.

    6) Toonie's (Sunshine's sister) big big heart and willingness to give trusting me a chance, when she's afraid I'll hang on her or whumping on her back. She's lifting her back now, and reaching for the bit!

    7) Abigail's challenging in-your-face attitude. She's a sassy old girl, and quite capable of unloading anyone in a split second. I love her surprise that sassy is okay with me.

    8) the number one thing I am grateful for? Being part of their day to day lives, getting to groom, feed, hug and interact. If I couldn't ride anymore, I'd still go to the barn every day, and take care of horses. Because really, they take care of me in ways so deep and profound I can't find words to describe what I mean.

  6. Such a sad loss, I cant get over how terrible that whole situation was. She was so incredibly brave through it all and to blog about it none the less is a whole level of strength I dont think I could have. That whole family is in my prayers as they mourn his passing.

    My gratitude list is:
    1. That Pongo ever crossed my path in the first place, how did a CA girl end up with a beautiful baby horse from upstate NY?
    2. That he's been a joy to raise from day one. Not for one minute have I ever questioned my decision to bring him into my family.
    3. That he's brought so much joy and grins to others through something as simple as his flashy spots or his rideability.
    4. That he just is predictably who he is, all the time, every day, every task. He tries so hard for everyone.
    5. That he is here and healthy, because really, that is all you can ask for when it comes to these large yet fragile animals.

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on this post. I loved reading all of them. Run in Peace, big beautiful Rugby.


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