Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love, Tucker

Mom's super busy at work since she took last week off to play with me, so she said I could write to you guys today.  She told me to tell you alllll about sleepaway camp. 

First my mom showed up in the middle of the day.  I was sleeping cause she never comes to see me in the middle of the day, unless it's bran mash day, or the day before bran mash day.  She woke me up and gave me a bath.  Then she hooked up my trailer (you know, it's like a stall, but it moves).  I got really excited cause I was on the cross-ties so I knew she was taking me somewhere.  She led me out to the drive way and I marched right in cause there's usually lots of food in there.  Then she and the nice guy that feeds me got into her truck and away we went! 

I was in there a long time.  A lot longer than usual.  So when we finally stopped, I really needed a stretch.  I unloaded myself and snuck right past everybody and went for a little trot around the big striped tents.  That was really fun, but then my mom started looking really worried so I stopped.  I didn't mean to make her worried I just really wanted to explore and there were soooo many cute ponies to see.  Then I followed mom and all the guys I know from my barn were already there!  Griffin, and Joe, and Reggie, and my best friend Junior, and Outsider.  Outsider is the prettiest horse I've ever seen.  She makes my tummy feel all funny when she looks at me.  Sometimes when she walks away I call to her really loud but she never says anything back.  I think someday she'll realize what a special guy I am though, and then we'll live happily ever after.  Sigh.

I got to spend the night in this really cool tent that had stalls set up in it.  It was just like sleepaway camp, and there were all these horses I've never seen before there too, and sometimes at night people on ladders would show up and put their manes in those tight little knots, and sometimes the horses I don't know would talk to each other.  Sometimes I'd talk back even though I don't know them.  I think everybody should be friends. 

The best part about the whole week was that my mom was there the whole time and she kept doing stuff with me and giving me treats and taking me for walks and petting me all the time and saying what a good boy I am.  I love when she tells me that.  Some of the stuff we did was no fun though.  Every morning we had to go play the circle game and I really really hate the circle game.  Mom stands there with a big long lead rope and I have to go around her in circles.  There were lots of other horses playing the circle game too and some of them looked really mad cause they were bucking and running really fast.  They made me nervous, and sometimes I was worried they were going to hurt their people.  You have to be really careful around people you know because they get hurt really easily. 

My mom gave me lots of baths which I thought was really silly because horses don't like being all shiny and smelly like flowers.  We like to be dusty and dirty and we smell much better that way.  I talked to the other horses and we all agreed that baths are stupid.  Reggie told me to step on the people's toes when they give me baths but I told him that was mean.  When the nice guy that feeds me gives me baths I always let him wash my face but I don't let my mom do it.  I don't know why but I think it's really funny.  My mom doesn't think it's funny but I do.  After the baths, my mom put those tiny little knots in my mane and my tail.  Sometimes I like that because my mom stands there and talks to me for a really long time, but sometimes they get really itchy and I don't like that part.  She gives me lots of treats when she's done though and that part is good. 

I got to jump a lot last week.  That was really cool.  I love to jump.  Sometimes when we jump my mom gets really nervous and it makes me scared but this time she didn't get nervous so I wasn't scared.  I think my mom liked those jumps too.  We also got to do the part where all the horses go in together and it's really fun.  We all trot at the same time and we all canter at the same time like a big happy family.  Then at the end we all stand in a line together, and then someone gives my mom one of those pretty ribbons and that makes her really happy and she pets me a lot.  After we did all that, the nice lady that rides me sometimes would give me sugar and talk to my mom, and then we would go back to the big tent and see all my friends.

Then later on we would go for a walk and my mom would get on bareback which is my favorite thing.  Sometimes Outsider came with us.  One time she came with us and she licked me the whole time but I didn't mind.  I tried to touch her a few times though and she got really really mad.  I told her about my white ribbon but she made fun of me because she said that class didn't even have jumps in it.  So then I walked with Joe cause he is nicer even though he walks really slow.

All the people were really happy last week and they were laughing a lot and clapping for me.  Everyone kept telling me that I'm a really good boy and giving me sugar and treats.  That made me happy.  At the end I got back on my trailer and mom seemed really sad to be going home, but I was happy because it was bran mash day so when I got home I had bran mash and then I got to go in the big field with my best friends Rodie and Junior.  I can't wait for sleepaway camp next year! 



  1. Wow Tucker, sounds like you had an awesome week at sleepaway camp! You have the bestest mum ever - keep looking after her!

  2. Dear Tucker,
    You've mentioned so many nice things about your mom, but I wanted to tell you one other thing in case you didn't know. Your mom is an excellent creative writer. She and I used to write notes to each other in school even though we weren't supposed to, and sometimes I couldn't help snickering right in class because her stories were so fantastic. I know the whole "pen and paper" thing isn't really your style -- you're a young horse, so I assume you've grown up with computers -- but trust me, your mom is top-notch when it comes to writing. You should read her blog posts sometime. They're really quite good. Keep up the good work. I'll keep up my good work, too, and maybe your mom will give me a sugar cube when I see her!

  3. Tucker, DUDE, totally awesome. I hate the circle whatever too, boooooring, stupid, completely unnecessary. I got me two moms now I think. My auntie became my mom, and my mom became my auntie. It's a little confusing, but they both love me, and I'm getting way more carrots.

    I'm trying to talk my new mom into moving cattle this fall on a friend's ranch. (No circles!) You wanna come? You get reallly dirty and sweaty and you get to boss other animals around. You also get to just take OFF and blister the dirt if you see a cow straggling. It's the bomb. Cool on the jumping, looks like a lot of fun.


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