Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just for Rachel....

Rachel over at Dapple of My Eye was bashing her equitation today, and I had to tell her that it's impossible to think about what you look like when you have a wiggly wobbly baby underneath you. 

So, just to prove my point... Here is a baby picture of me and Tucker.  Tucker is only 3 years old in this picture!  My hands are in my lap, my elbows are sticking out, I'm staring down at his neck, and hunching my shoulders.  I think I have a huge smile on my face though, so that's what really matters (and I think Rachel is smiling in her pics too!).  And doesn't he look just adorable?  Boy, I miss these days.  When all he had to do was trot in a straight line to make me happy.  Actually, 5 years later and we're still working on trotting in straight lines.  Nevermind.... just enjoy the cute pic!


  1. He was such a cute baby!!!

  2. Awwww! I'm just pursuing FB this morning, then I see my name... and THIS PIC-- its Just. Like. Me!

    I KNOW I know better, thats why I get so frustrated to see the photographic evidence of my poooor eq, but considering you are doing the same things-- it MUST be bc we are trying to keep the wiggle worms in one piece below us.

    AGAIN, thank you for the shot of encouragement. You (and TUCKER) rock! He is suuuch a cute youngin!. I vote for more picture nostalgia.

  3. So cute. I'm hoping to move from baby days to something we can be more proud of... slowly, right?


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