Thursday, July 8, 2010

In addition to the helmet, I'll need shin guards, and knee pads...

By the time I'm done protecting my horse from himself he's going to look like an only child with an overprotective mother learning to roller blade. 

In other words, yes, you've guessed it, he's managed to injure himself again.  And, once again, he's managed to injure himself on himself.  He's sliced his leg open just below his right knee, we think he did it lying down in his stall today on his own shoe.  That's the only possible way we can figure that he hurt himself while standing still and/or sleeping in his stall.  That is, unless he's got a pocket knife tucked away in his stall somewhere that we don't know about. 

The leg is pretty swollen, as you can see, but that's typical for him for any cut below the knee.  My delicate little flower doesn't handle cuts and scrapes very well.  He's got dainty little thoroughbred-like legs holding up that big frame, and they have a tendency to blow up like balloons at the slightest paper cut.  So, I'm not as worried about the swelling, especially given the insane heat wave we've been having.  (Oh and don't be concerned by the absurd toeing out he's demonstrating in this picture.  That's actually completely "normal" for us and has even improved over the past year with our new farrier.  Hey, I never said he was a conformation hunter.  That's only one of many egregious conformational defects that make it a wonder this horse can even walk straight, let alone perform the way he does.  We love him anyway.  But I digress.)

Back to the carnage....  Alicia stuck him on the lunge line and verified that he is in fact sound (which is impressive, because this is the same horse that once slipped and fell on the lunge line and stood up holding one front leg in the air because of a tiny little scrape, and once made us pull out the x-ray machines only to discover a miniscule little cut on the folds of skin on his chest which was causing three-legged lameness), so we made the executive decision to spray the cut well with Alu-Shield (one of my favorite products) and surround the area with Swat, and put him out for the night.  My thought was that he's better off walking around tonight and getting things circulating than stuck in his stall in wraps, pacing back and forth hysterically, frantic and stressed to the point of sheer panic because his friends are out having all kinds of fun without him, moments he'll never get back, a whole night full of wonder and adventure and he's stuck in this lousy stall with these stinkin wraps and, and, and....  Oh sorry I was channelling him for a second there.  (Remember that scene in ET when Elliot gets drunk at school?)

And here it is, the most recent war wound in Tucker's never-ending battle between his Ego and his Id:


On a more humorous note, I was on the train platform when I got the call about this one, and those around me heard the following half of the conversation:  "Oh no.  You're kidding.  He did that to himself sleeping?  We are going to have to get him padded walls!  What is wrong with him?  Is it bleeding still?  How swollen is it?  Hmm, that's pretty normal for him.  Deep enough for stitches?  Oh ok, well that's good for once.  Is he walking okay on it?  Oh good.  Nah, I think he can go out anyway.  Better for him to walk it off.  Yeah, you're probably right.  Does he still have a bottle left over from the stitches on his head?  Twelve twice a day, right?  Okay, yeah, take some pictures and call me back.  Thanks."

I must have sounded like the world's worst mother.  Kid's at home bleeding and swollen, apparently due to some injury he sustained while sleeping, but I'm sending him out on his merry way for the night anyway.  And kid obviously just recently had stitches in his head, and apparently this is a frequent occurrence.  And I wanted to see pictures!  I noticed a woman in scrubs eyeing me particularly suspiciously. 

Ah, the joys of being a horse mom.  Reminds me of the post at Halt Near X about frightening cashiers.....

**Editor's Note:  Upon re-reading this post, it appears I've had too much caffeine today and my thoughts are a bit... scattered.  Kindly bare with me on this one.  It's been a long week....  Also, Tucker would like me to clarify that we don't actually channel each other.  He claims that if we did, he'd be a lot less confused on course.


  1. Glad it's not too bad - it's amazing the things they manage to do to themselves!

  2. I can just imagine the commuter conversations over coffee, talking about the bad mommy on the platform. Will you have to see these people again??? LOL! And, thanks for clarifying that you and Tucker don't channel each other.... :-)

  3. LOL...thank you for the belly laughs...never a dull moment with you and Tucker! Glad he is ok :)

  4. OH TUCKER! Poor little baby! Just give him heaps of kisses and cuddles :)

  5. Oh poor man. He is so accident prone! Thanks for the nice chuckle this morning though!

  6. um, thats hilarious. Normally its safe to read the horsie blogs at work without fear of chuckling out loud and making the boss man suspicious. you should provide a warning when i will literally LOL. Tell tucker I hope he feels better and to invest in a a bubble suit.

  7. If there's a way to injure themselves they'll find it. Hope he heals quickly.

    Love the conversation on the train platform. You must have gotten some odd looks.

  8. Poor Tucker! Wounded! What's a guy to do.

    I like AluSpray too. Although some of my horses think it's gonna eat them or something. LOL

  9. Amazing how we get "used to" the injuries of our self destructive babies. Mazzy had a similar cut on her elbow almost where her front leg met her body. Same thing did it in her stall who knows how. I also suspected her shoe. Hope he heals quickly. I just wish they had the sence to stop when something hurts instead of push harder or pull faster so the skin really rips.


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