Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talk about insult to injury... (but good news!)

Vet came to check Tucker again today and she was very happy with the way his eye looks!  Yay!!!  It's healing very nicely now.  She's going to come back to check him again on Friday and he'll keep getting banamine for the pain and inflammation (Kate, to answer your question on the last post -- yes, he's been getting banamine all along... you've got good horse sense!) and triple antibiotic topically.  Since he's had a history of tummy trouble, he'll also be getting Ulcerguard for the next two weeks because banamine can be tough on their stomachs.  

The ulcer is much smaller today though, and she did not think there was any need to continue dilating the eye, which means we won't have to worry as much about light sensitivity.  He'll still need to wear a mask though, to protect it from dust and try to discourage him from rubbing it. 

Speaking of masks....  the one he was borrowing from Outsider met an untimely demise, as I thought it might.  I'm telling you, he feels it's necessary not just to remove it but destroy it so that we don't even think about putting it back on him, or anyone else for that matter. 

He does have a knack for destroying these things.  It's a good thing they aren't too expensive, and a good thing he has a high tolerance for bugs so he doesn't have to wear them all the time. I don't know what I would do. 

So, Alicia went ahead and got him a replacement.  The other masks in the barn apparently all rubbed against his eye, so she got him one of the bug-eye variety.  So, for at least the next week, he's going to look like this:

Yes, it's okay to laugh.  I burst out laughing when I received this on my phone.  I think he's officially healing well enough that we can find him a little...  amusing... in his state of recovery.  Laughter is, after all, the best medicine. 

In line with Jane's caption contests, anyone want to suggest a caption for this photo?


  1. omg!!! that just made me spit diet coke all over my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. "Now I can really FLY over the jumps"

    Poor Tucker. If you need normal fly masks again just let me know. I am cleaning all my crap up since I am down to just Gen and I have 4 fly masks!!! I would be more than happy to donate to the cause if needed.

  3. Aww so glad he's on the mend! I love that mask...I have been working my butt off to be creative all morning for work so I am tapped out when it comes to a clever caption. One note, I find that in pasture the mask is going to come off regardless of how hard I try to keep it on Pongo. What I learned is if your fasten it a little looser around their jowl, it will slide off easier when they decide it's time to have one of their pasture buddies take it off for them. Less rippage I've found, my fly mask has been going strong for 2 months now and it is removed EVERY SINGLE DAY by his little playmates on the other side of the fence.


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