Monday, June 14, 2010

I can see clearly now....

That's the song Tucker's been singing for the past few days.  He can finally hang out without his ridiculous fly mask (don't tell him it's ridiculous by the way, he thinks he's wearing "shades" and says that only celebrities and poets wear them indoors and at night) and the vet says she doesn't need to come back out to see him unless we see something we are concerned about.  No more banamine, just continue with the triple for a week.  I am happy to say that he finally felt back to normal during my hack yesterday afternoon.  Yay!

I've been doing little walk-trot loose rein hacks and long bareback walks for the past week, to give him a chance to stretch and get a little exercise but not stress him too much in case his eye really did hurt as much as it appeared to.  I can't imagine I'd enjoy running around with an eye injury, banamine or no banamine.  During these rides, he has been sluggish.  Like, 28-year-old school horse that has taught small children how to post for the past 15 years sluggish.  I've got a giant weight attached to my tail (no fat jokes please, I know I should probably cut down on the ice cream) kind of sluggish.  His movements were akin to the ones I make as I reach blindly for the snooze button each morning. 

But finally yesterday he felt back to his old self.  The first ten minutes or so I just trotted with my reins on the buckle and he started off just moseying along and I had to use more leg that usual, but then once he got into the ride all of a sudden I felt his pace pick up and suddenly he started feeling more like his graceful Dutch WB self and less like a Thellwell pony.  So I kept my leg on and started slowly reeling him in and actually got a nice working trot for about ten minutes.  Then we walked for a few (he did get a little out of shape not working for a week) and picked up our canter and his canter felt absolutely perfect.  I was up in a little half-seat and he stayed light and balanced and motored forward but not like he was in a hurry, just a perfectly balanced natural canter.  All I had to do was sit there (or hover there) and follow with my hands.  I love when that happens. 

I guess I have no way of knowing why he was so unwilling to work.  Could have been pain, could have been how banamine affects him (different horses react different ways, of course), could have been that he couldn't see that well or felt a little uncomfortable working in his fly mask.  Whatever the cause, I'm so glad to have my horse back to his old self...  a mixture of complete goof and incredible athlete.


  1. Glad he's feeling better - the eye hurting and the Banamine may have made him feel under the weather.

  2. glad he is finally feeling better! poor guy! I think his problem is that he heard that chicks dig scars :) Oh by the way a friend of mine has been riding out where your filly is right now. Small world huh? I am only like 30 mins or so away I think!

  3. Tucker's baaaack....! Glad to hear that he is almost his old self.


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