Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy birthday Julie girl!

Today is Julie's 2nd birthday.  Happy birthday Princess!  It seems like only yesterday you were bouncing around trying to get used to those wobbly long legs. 

Since onthebit asked in the comments how Julie is doing, and Nicku asked me on facebook whether there's any Julie news, I figured that was quite enough prompting.  I can take a hint!  I know when you all are bored of hearing about the big brown horse and his various facial injuries and it's time to talk about my little spotted girl. 

As it turns out, I do have some Julie news!  First and foremost, the current plan with her is that she will stay in Florida through this coming winter (the nicer time of year to work a horse in Florida), and the trainers at Stones Throw Farm will put the basics into her: round penning, backing, and basic walk-trot-canter.  I talked to Celia and Larry today and it sounds like they have a great program.  They work the babies a few times a week, frequency depending on the horse, starting off with ground work in the round pen and then sitting on their backs.  After this, they give them two weeks off to go back out to the field and "process."  Then they go back to work a few times a week for a couple of weeks, followed by another couple of weeks off, and so on, until they are in regular light work by February. 

Then in March, Julie will come home to live on the farm with me at Paper Road.  We have a nice ring so I'll be able to work her a few times a week myself until it gets cold, at which point she'll have the whole winter off.  I'll probably do the same thing again the following year, which is exactly what I did with Tucker.  The folks at Stones Throw think I'll have no trouble working with her myself, since she's been very well behaved for them.  They said she's the first one to come to the fence when they go out to bring the kids in for their weekly grooming/bathing. 

I also just learned that Julie went to the Brandenberger inspection, passed with flying colors, and is now an approved Brandenberger.  In September (once fly season is over), she'll get a brand that looks like this. Very cool!  Her father, Raine Dance, is also now an approved Brandenberger stallion.

You'll note that one of my very, very favorite horses is a Brandenberger.  I know of another Brandenberger, named Balthazar, who is also a fantastic creature, extremely brave and willing, with a heart of gold and a penchant for tearing off his blankets in the middle of the night and driving braiders crazy with his midnight racket.  (But I love him dearly). 

Oh, and one more thing.  I've always wondered what happened to the dark bay mare that I ordered, with the white socks and the star?  Well, she arrived this year.  Apparently she was on back order?  Meet Julie's little sister:

That's Secret's pretty red butt in the photo to the right, and it makes me miss her so much!  This adorable little filly is a full sister to Julie and exactly what I wanted absolutely adorable, if you ask me.  In case anyone is having a particularly bad day and needs some additional cuteness, please go here and see all of this little girl's playmates.  Too cute for words!  It is a good thing I don't live closer to Florida, or I would quickly be accumulating a lot of young horses. . . . 
So, that' about all I have on the Julie front.  And for the record, reason number 1,578 that equine babies are better than human babies:  you can ship them off to someplace where they will be well cared for and happy until they are old enough to be useful to you.  Pretty sure they frown on things like that for human babies.  Except my niece of course, who is an absolute joy (just in case her parents read the blog).  I can't wait to buy her a pony.


  1. Happy birthday, beautiful Julie!

  2. LOL...this post was fantastic! Thanks for the update and happy birthday Julie! Her lil sis is delightful isnt she...so pretty. So, this is news because last we heard Julie was for sale? Now not so much, eh? Good for you. Two horses keeps things interesting if nothing else! So excited for you :)

  3. Happy birthday to Julie - it sounds like you have her in a great place.

  4. Nicku, not sure if I'll keep her forever, but no one is buying babies right now, so there's almost no chance she'll sell before she can at least w-t-c undersaddle. But who knows, if she turns out really nicely, I may want to keep her for mine....

  5. Yay Julie! I will have to tell my friend to give her carrots for me for her Birthday! :)

  6. YAY! Thanks for the update! And I am having a particularly rough day-- so thanks for my dose of cuteness!

  7. GPG - Yes!! Please have your friend go say hi to her for me! So cool that she's riding there.

  8. Happy Birthday, Julie. Sounds like you have great plans for her.

    Her sister looks like a sweetie. I love equine babies. Guess that's what gets me into trouble.

  9. Oh, very exciting. Hopefully she's through the most difficult time. Thanks for the update!

    We're never tired of Tucker, though.


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