Monday, May 10, 2010

Somethin' to Blog About...

Anybody else got Bonnie Raitt stuck in their heads now?)

Ahem.  Sorry about the dust and the cobwebs...  nobody's been here for a while.  Life got in the way of my blogging and I've been terrible about keeping it up, but I still like writing about this fabulous horse of mine so I'm going to try to keep going, if you're all still interested in reading.  (Pretty please?)   To catch you up to speed, in the past month we've had some amazing lessons (including another 3'6" gymnastic), had a wonderful last time showing in the pre-adults, and went for a gallop with my dear friend Kathleen and her mare Chloe (otherwise known as the day we found out that Tucker is both fast and competitive).

To make up for the tumbleweeds blowing around on this url for the past month, I come bearing gifts!  Rather than the usual verbose account of my last horse show where I take you all along with me for the ride in several paragraphs, how about I just show you?  Tucker and I made our 3 foot debut yesterday (!), and as you are about to see, he was absolutely brilliant.  Sure, he missed the back half of his lead change in the first class, and in the second class he got a little spooked and swapped his lead when some completely absent-minded grounds keeper decided to fling a garbage bag at him (um, hello?  horse cantering past you in the middle of a round? maybe not the best time to throw noisy shiny plastic things onto the back of your gator parked next to the fence?), but I really can't complain one bit. 

I had a moment in the middle of my third class where I said to myself, "This is the horse I have wanted my entire life."  I have been on a complete high ever since.  Isn't it amazing how a good ride makes it seem like your entire life is moving in exactly the direction it should, and all is right with the universe?  (Conversely, a bad ride has quite the opposite effect, but that's for another day.) 

So.... without further ado....

So, what do we think?  Am I blinded by love for this horse, or is he really as fantastic as I think he is?


  1. Really nice - you guys look great! And thanks so much for the videos!

  2. Just beautiful. You both look good with each other. What a team. He really is as fantastic as you think he is. :-)

  3. You guys make it look easy. What a windy day to contend with as well. You guys look amazing. So glad you are back to us for an update and so glad tucker is living up to his blogsake.

  4. I think it's time to change the blog to wunderkind squared! He is fabulous!

  5. Thanks everyone! Little editor's note: I just realized that Kathleen added music to the second and third rounds, excellent selection: Ode to Joy and Eye of the Tiger! I'm glad she didn't add anything to the first round though because I loved hearing the sweet commentary from her and Alicia!

  6. He's really as fantastic as you think. That wind was something. Enough to set off 2/3rds of the horses I know, let alone in a show environment. Way to go! Nice leg and seat, btw. Very steady!
    (So THAT's what hunt seat should look like. It's gonna be a long haul trying to learn that.)

  7. I'm blinded guys LOOK awesome, flawless and all that talent seamless during that wind?! Wow. I am biased that he looks a lot like my boy too...but holy talent! So cool, LOVE the videos.
    Great job :)


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