Friday, May 28, 2010

Customer Loyalty...

You know, I do almost all my online shopping from Smartpak.  Tucker is currently on SmartGut and SmartCombo, as well as Cool Calories.  Their service reps are awesome.  I called up to add another scoop of Cool Calories (he was on one, now he's on two) and the woman I spoke with told me she's got a tough keeper too, and asked if I had him on alfalfa and rice bran.  (I do.)  But I thought that was really going the extra mile.  Smartpak doesn't sell these things, she wasn't trying to make a sale, just being a good horse person. 

Recently, however, I placed an order with another online retailer who shall remain nameless but is having their big summer sale right now.  Not only did they forget to pack two of my items (despite charging me for them) but they sent me pony-sized polo wraps.  Yes, I'd like a set of large bell boots, a giant himalayan salt block, a horse-sized saddle pad, and itty-bitty little pony polos.  In case Tucker needs a bracelet?  Or maybe something to keep his ears warm?  The woman I spoke with at this nameless online retailer looked it up and I did, in fact, order horse-sized polos.  They just decided maybe I wanted something else.  I've also had a bridle on back order with them since March.  Estimated ship date is now July.  Seems like a long time to wait, no?

So I emailed Smartpak to let them know that I really appreciate their service and have been very pleased with them.  They've never messed up an order, it always arrives promptly (or, arrives via free shipping with my supplements if I so choose), and their prices are great.  I got such a nice email response back!  So, I figured I'd give them a plug here too. 

Happy shopping!


  1. Good for you for sharing your positive experiences with Smartpak. I am sure they really appreciated your feedback. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many suppliers that don't understand that a good portion of their business comes from word of mouth advertising. Taking care of the customer will keep me coming back and I don't hesitate to share my positive experiences. Smartpak obviously takes their customer service quality seriously.

  2. I am the Assistant Manager in a horse store and customer service is my number one focus. Customers aren't happy - you don't make budget - you don't have a job. Not only that I love it when you have been able to really help someone and they come back to let you know!!!! It just makes you feel good knowing that you have helped someone.

  3. I bought my (pink plaid) Kensington dressage saddle bag from Smartpak (after the rat ate my billets), and couldn't be more pleased with the product and the service. The rep was great (How do you answer someone who says, "What do you have in the way of saddle armor? That still breathes?") The price was going market value, it was shipped before the date promised, and arrived in perfect condition. I received an email asking if I liked it. Smartpak is *smart*. I'd choose them over what I think of as The Big Box mail order retailer, even if it's costs a little more. They give a lot more.
    (BTW, I don't work there or know anyone who does.)

  4. That's great that Smartpak has such good service. I drool over their web site, but they don't ship to Canada yet... (probably a good thing or I would be ordering stuff all the time). Shipping to Canada always costs a fortune either way - free shipping is only something we dream of!

  5. I think I am literally the only person EVER to have bad things to say about them. And you think your bridle is bad...I ordered a fancy show cooler for Phoenix at the Equine Affaire back in Nov. I just got it Friday. That was a kick in the gut. Any news on the Julie front?

  6. I really like the company b/c of their customer service. In addition to their customer service, their prices are reasonable.

    As for the Smartpaks, many of them are about the same price loose or in wells.

    I like them b/c I don't have to mess with lids and jars in the winter and things stay fresh and potent.

  7. SmartPak, two of my horses are on their supplements. I haven't noticed any DRAMATIC changes, but one of them has gotten a little less stiff in the hocks. Plus, it's got daily dewormers which makes life easier.

    Yes, I would recommend it just to try, but after a while the price really adds up if you don't need it.

  8. I'm interested in the Smartpak Senior package, only they don't do international shipping yet. Does anyone know of something similar in Canada? I love the idea of pre-packaged portions but it's not absolutely necessary. It's for a 24yr old TB mare I got a couple months ago. She's basically here to live out her days as a horse should. (She came as a package deal with her 7yr QH buddy :-) just in case you're wondering why we got her.)


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