Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet Bean

The backlog of posts is growing... My visit with Keizer (which was lovely), a lesson in which Marissa realizes she's a spoiled brat (for getting annoyed with her horse for jumping too big.  Don't you hate when they are just too talented?), a new gadget, and a lesson in collection. 

But first.... meet Bean.

Bean is Alicia's Jack Russell, and you might even say the official mascot of Whitmere.  At horse shows, you can sometimes find him on a leash by the ring (though he finds the leash demeaning and offensive because he's far too aware of socially acceptable behavior to run away or go where he doesn't belong).  At away shows, he's usually happily perched in the dash of the RV ready to greet us between rounds.  When we are home, he's almost always at the barn (unless he's seen the weather channel and doesn't think the weather will suit his taste) and almost always chasing, carrying, or throwing a ball roughly the same size as he is.  When Bean is at Whitmere and Alicia is not, he sits like a statue at the end of the aisle and stares at the driveway until she returns.  During these times, he cannot be comforted and will not be distracted, and will in fact spurn any efforts you might make to lift his spirits.  

He has perfected the art of appearing starving and adorable if treats are in the vicinity, and is usually very successful at convincing any and all nearby humans to feed him:

To be honest, he is one of the strangest little dogs I've ever met but also one of my favorites. It takes a while to win him over, he plays hard to get, and some days won't talk to you at all just to keep you on your toes. But once you've found your way into his good graces he will do just about anything to make you laugh.  I have spent countless evenings in the tack room hysterically watching him do things like this:

Note that Bean happily posed for each of the pictures above and would have continued to do so had we thought of more poses for him.  Not exactly camera shy. 

I think now you've met all the faces of Whitmere... though we have some new equine faces around the barn that I'll have to introduce you to.  There is Montel's new younger brother, Oliver, and the newest addition to Kathleen's herd, Griffin, as well as a new Whitmere acquisition, Reggie.  The backlog continues to grow!


  1. What a character! I love to see dogs that manage to stay alive in the horse world (a few I know have that "just been kicked" look about them).

  2. what a cutie! I love his face. He looks like he has tons of personality.

  3. Love Bean! I have 3 terriers myself and they keep me on my toes.

  4. Photos 3 and 4: The Buddha has reincarnated, and his name is Bean. :) I want to rub is belly for good luck! I don't think I've ever seen a Buddha dog before. Fabulous name, too.

  5. Love the pup as you know, been his "human" at past horse shows for Alicia even lol. But you must post on your new gadget finds, Boom and I need all the help we can get and though others may resent them, we need the gadgets :) Found out the right nights to hit the boat house by the way - available Monday or Tuesday nights? Look for "Cruiser", We must go!


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