Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful Bloggers

We all seem to be passing this award back and forth between each other so I think everyone on my list probably already got this award but I'm still very touched by everyone who bestowed it up on me and happy to hand it out to my favorite bloggers, whether they've already received it or not.  After all we are riders, everyone knows we all like our awards. 

So, this honor was given to me by Golden the Pony Girl, Dapple of My Eye, and A Horse and a Half.   These three girls are some of my favorite bloggers.  I love hearing about their horse stories.  All three of them are working with greenies right now and their stories remind me of all the stages Tucker went through along the way to becoming the Wunderkind, some sweet, some frustrating, and some inspiring.

Now, seven things about me (I'll do my best to tell you stuff you don't know):

1. I've never lived without a pet.  When I was born, we had a cat, Rocky, who lived to be 26, and a miniature schnauzer named Pete.  Then when I was six I got a kitten, Kitty, who herself had four kittens (whoops).  Then my brother brought a dalmatian home from college, Arlo.  Arlo was one of the worst-behaved dogs in history, but I loved him beyond words.  When I went away to college, I got a red beta named Fenster, who lived for three and a half years, and travelled back and forth from VA to NJ with me for every break.  He was a great fish.  Then in law school I got Homer, my turtle, who still lives with me.  Shortly after law school Lilly arrived, and most recently Sterling joined the family.

2.  I used to like cleaning, and prided myself on keeping my apartment extremely clean, but I think I've grown out of it.  Rather than laziness, I've decided to chalk it up to leading a full life.  These days I sort of let it slide til I look around and realize that I'd be seriously embarrassed if someone stopped by unexpectedly.  Then I clean the entire apartment with a shop vac.  Which includes vacuuming the stove.  Very domestic. 

3.  I love, love, love country music and all the presets in my truck are set to country stations.  I've gotten so used to it that I forget to change the station when someone else gets in the truck.  Something else you all don't know:  I line dance every Tuesday night.  Yes, really.  It's so much fun. 

4.  I've broken a lot of bones for this sport of ours.  Seven toes (stepped on), three vertebrae (fell on my butt), my left collar bone (flipped a horse over crashing through a swedish oxer), a finger (loading a tack trunk into the goose neck), and a bone in the top of my foot (gave a big mare a little too much trank to clip her).

5.  I have started nine horses undersaddle (the good way of breaking, in contrast to the above).  Three were ponies, one was a thoroughbred, and the rest were warmbloods that lived on Tucker's baby farm.  Loved every one of them.  Getting on for the very first time is my very favorite thing to do with a horse.  The first time I got on Tucker, he turned his head around and checked me out, then practically shrugged his shoulders and walked off.  That was uneventful. . . .

6.  Okay, okay, something else non-horse related.  Let's think.  My favorite color combination is brown and baby blue.  Most of my apartment is some variation on this theme.  It's gotten a little trendy lately, but I don't care.  I liked it first.

7.  My favorite cocktail is an ice cold cosmo, light on the cranberry, with lots of fresh-squeezed lemon.  Remember, when life hands you lemons, find someone with vodka.  Mmmm, anyone have a lemon?

And now on to the re-gifting: 

In addition to the three I mentioned above, here are some others I like:

Adventures with Super Sam.  My friend from downunder!  Nina's blog is really fun.  Sam is adorable, and Nina is currently looking for another horse.  Nothing is more fun than living vicariously through someone else's horse shopping adventures.  Plus, I lived in Australia for a semester during college so I love when Nina talks about Australia and sometimes I get to hear Australian slang.  Good on ya!

A Year with Horses.  Kate's blog is one of the first ones I started following.  Kate is a fantastic writer and I really enjoy reading her blog every day.  We have different approaches, but I like the way Kate works with her horses and I like learning about her perspective on things.  If you aren't following Kate's blog, she and her family recently went through a very tough time with a mare named Miranda.  The story is tragic, but Kate and her daughter handled all of the events with integrity and compassion -- like true horsewomen.

Eye on the Horse.  My girl Nicku has gone through some not-so-great horse luck but she's got an amazing ability to stay positive no matter what life throws at her.  She came to visit Tucker and me over Christmas while she was in town to see family, and she is just as charming in person as she is on her blog.

Grey Horse Matters.  A great blog, with beautiful photos.  This is a really, really beautiful farm with some adorable horses with big personalities.  I love seeing these horses in their matching blankets, and so far everything I've seen of this property, from the tack room to the ring to the custom-made hay trees has been just lovely. 

Halt Near X.  Very funny horsewoman.  This blog is chock full of quick wit and clever writing.  Always good for a chuckle.
She Rides, I Pay.  As I've told you before, Elizabeth is the sister of Kathleen, who owns Rodie and Indy and is the famous author of the Rodie's All Natural Horse Treat recipe.  Elizabeth now blogs for COTH, which is a pretty good gig!  I can always count on her for a good lesson in barn etiquette, or an update on what's going on in the COTH forums. Plus, she's the horse show mom I always dreamed of as a little girl. . . .

SprinklerBandit.  This is a great blog, about an absolutely adorable Oldenburg mare.  I love hearing about this mare's progress.  She is going to be a very special horse, and has a very dedicated mom who works very hard to keep her!

Sweet Horse's Breath.  This one's a tear jerker but I love it.  Kristen has an OTTB and is working very hard to find a way to save him from a very serious case of laminitis. Her love for this sweet horse is infectious. 

The Literary Horse.  Jane is one of the funniest women I've ever come across.  She is an amazing story teller
and has an uncanny knack for making me snort and cackle.  If you aren't reading Jane's blog, start today.  She's got a very funny series of posts about abscesses from last week that should get you off to a good start.

What Was I Thinking....?  I've just started reading Wolfie's blog and I really enjoy it.  Wolfie is new to the sport and her blog is about her progress with her first horse, Gem.  She's got a great sense of humor about all these new experiences, and knows how to avoid taking life too seriously.

So there you go . . . congratulations ladies, and happy reading!


  1. Thank you so much - you are very kind, and I am honored - I learn a lot from reading your blog!

  2. Thank you so much for the recognition!!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I was reading your course description in your last posting and had to laugh b/c I'm not sure I could remember it jumping it on my two legs, much less on your stud on a horse! ;)
    GREAT job!! xo

  4. Hi Marissa, There a beautiful blogger award waiting for you on my blog. I know you've received it already, but wanted to put it up for those who may not have clicked on your link yet from TLH.
    I think it's funny we got it at the same time - you managed to tag me first!


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