Wednesday, February 10, 2010

World Peace is imminent....

Check it out!  Lilly and Sterling, napping peacefully side by side -- and it didn't end with hissing or swatting or anyone cowering under furniture!

I feel confident that if these two can work out their differences, world peace is the next step.  Perhaps I should volunteer them to be U.N. embassadors?

Big day around these parts:  (1) Homer (my turtle) has come out of hibernation today and I awoke to find him out of the water in his basking spot, so I changed his water, got the filter up and running, and plugged in the heat lamp.  I'll see if I can get some shots of him, but he's pretty camera-shy.  (2) Montel moved into my backyard yesterday!  He's officially a retiree now and so far seems to be settling in just fine (not to mention, was pretty happy to hear that I'll be stopping in to give him treats after work every night).  I'm so happy my good friend has moved in!  Such a wonderful horse, and a true gentleman.  I'll have to get some pictures of him in the fields once he's been introduced the herd here at home.

Snow day today, so no Tucker news to report, but thankfully Alicia made it to the farm and is going to get him out to stretch his legs a little.  Hope anyone else that's snowed in today as well is staying warm and dry inside! 


  1. So, if Homer has come out of hibernation, does that mean Spring is around the corner? I hope so!

  2. Are turtles like bears, when they come up for air, the warm weather is on the way? I'm sure if those two can get along there's hope for us all yet. Glad Montel moved into your home yesterday, I'm sure he'll enjoy his new place and friends. Stay warm.

  3. I'm hoping Spring's around the corner! The weather lately seems to say otherwise...


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