Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rodie's All Natural Horse Treats

Maybe you have to know Kathleen to see the humor in this, but because it made me laugh so hard, I am repeating verbatim Kathleen's "recipe."  It's exactly what I would expect a recipe from Kathleen to look like.  It's not exactly. . . precise.  So here you go:
Mix in a big *ss bowl (with your hands):
  • Lots of oats (whole Quaker oats, not the quick cooking kind)
  • Some flour
  • Lots of molasses
  • A little brown sugar
  • 5-6 pureed apples
  • 1 can of all natural cherry pie filling
  • Water
Mix all the ingredients as if you are making a bran mash… add water until the consistency is like oatmeal (slightly sloppy oatmeal)

Grease a cookie sheet and make round balls out of this slop and bake at 425 until golden brown but not burnt on the bottom… approx 20 minutes.I have also made this recipe with crushed peppermints instead of the cherry, and it was very good!
My favorite on that list are "some flour" and "water."  I also love how horse people cook:  "as if you are making a bran mash."  Good luck with this one guys.  Having never attempted to bake anything myself, I'm not sure if I could guess how much of anything is needed.  Maybe I'll invite myself over to Kathleen's house to watch her make them sometime. 

In other news. . . . Frankenstein's stitches are coming out today!  The wound looks great, as you can see, and hopefully he won't have too much of an ugly scar.  I think you can tell just from a picture of his eye that he's feeling much better about himself than he did right after it happened.  Thanks to Alicia and Franklin (who works at Whitmere) taking such good care of it for the past two weeks, it has healed really well and he hasn't rubbed it.  He still doesn't seem crazy about letting us touch it, but I think he's just being dramatic.  Thankfully, once the stitches are out, he can go back to his normal turnout routine.  He's been a little, um, fresh lately.  Though I can't say that I blame him.


  1. hahaha...I love it! And I am glad that Tucker is looking and feeling better.

  2. So funny! Sounds good though. I bet they give it rave reviews.


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