Friday, February 5, 2010


You all had me chuckling with the Scarface thing. . . because I've been calling him Frankenstein.  I thought it wasn't very nice and certainly not in line with the pity party routine to be making fun of him. . . but since you guys started it. . .  Frankenstein actually fits pretty well.  Big guy, really sweet, tragically misunderstood.  That about sums him up.

I had such a nice surprise waiting for me when I got to the farm tonight!  Kathleen and her sons baked Tucker homemade treats!  (Kathleen owns Rodie, who was the obvious winner of this round of halter tag.  I was told that just prior to the "incident," Tucker was dragging Rodie across the field by his halter.  I can't, therefore, in good conscience, place all of the blame on Rodie.  I've seen how they play, and Rodie definitely gives Tucker plenty of fair warnings when he's had enough.  Something tells me Tucker had it coming, even though I do feel bad for him.)  Regardless of who's to blame though, we'll take the treats!  I gave Tucker one and he got that glazed over far away look in his eye, and then the lip-smacking tongue-lolling molar-sucking fest began.  Really cute.  He just stood there in a daze for a few minutes, licking his lips and perfectly content.  And then once he had sucked every ounce of flavor from his last molar, turned to me with his sweetest puppy dog face to beg for more.  I told Kathleen she has to give me the recipe.  I'll be sure to post it once I do.

The stitches are looking really good. don't you think?  You can see in the front view that there's a little bit of swelling near the corner of his eye, but it seems to be healing very well.  Still a little tender though.  I tried to pick a few little flecks of hay that were stuck to the triple antibiotic and he winced a little. . . poor baby.  I braided his forelock over to the left tonight so it would stay out of the way.  I'm a little concerned that once the tenderness goes away he may start rubbing it, but hopefully the triple antibiotic will keep it from getting too itchy.

I took him for a light hack around the indoor and he actually seemed pretty happy to be working.  His ears were up and he was forward but relaxed and thankfully not too wild despite having almost a week off and restricted turnout all week.  Once he loosened up, I did have to put him in a loose frame because he started over-reaching so badly.  That used to be a huge problem.  It's much better now because his balance is better and I think his shoeing is better, but sometimes when he's a little fresh the back end starts overpowering the front end.  Anyway, it was still a lovely hack.  He got a little bold at the canter so I practiced relaxing and softening to get him to slow down instead of trying to slow him down by taking more a feel of his mouth.

Before I left I made him up a little mini bran mash, as the finale to his little pity party.  (I also wanted him to eat the end of his dinner which must have had the bute in it, but don't tell him.)  Doesn't he look so happy about his late night snack?  I love watching him eat bran mash.  How could you possibly resist that face?


  1. Looks like he is healing nicely. Glad he is on the road to a full recovery!

  2. Lucky he is such a little trooper!!!!!

  3. The wound definitely looks a lot better than it did! Glad he's recovering nicely (and getting some great treats out of the deal)

  4. What a savage beast that Rodie must be and I am sure it is really his owner's fault that poor Tucker was assaulted! Rodie is jealous of Tucker because Tucker's mom is nicer and prettier.*

    *I am Rodie's mom's sister. I am joking.

  5. Poor boy!! I hope he feels better! He's a beauty!

  6. Looks like he's coming right along! The Frankensteinien stitching does add a certain Al Pachino panache to his looks. Tucker, Tough Guy. I can't wait for the cookie recipe. Beg. Heck, I'll beg. :) He looks so happy.


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