Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know it's the weekend and no one checks the blogs but I have to post this in case anyone is in need of something to do tonight....  One of my facebook friends has a breeding farm called Norsire Farm and she has her foal-cam online!  Looks like the mare, Rumors, is getting ready to have her baby tonight....  What do you think, Cupid for a boy?  Valentina for a girl?  I'm not into Valentine's Day but I am into foals so I love the idea of a Valentine foal.

I think the whole idea of a foaling web cam is so cool. When Tucker's baby sister was born, I spent the whole night running back and forth between my house and the barn, and missed her actual birth by about two minutes. When Julie was born, I got slightly more high tech. I spent several nights on an air mattress in the tack room watching a baby monitor.  I have to say, it would have been so much better if I had a web cam and could have watched from the comfort of home until she looked like she was making some progress.  Watching this sure does make me miss those first few weeks with Julie though.  The anticipation was fun, but the first few days of watching her teeter around on her spider legs and those sweet little moments between mare and foal were just unforgettable.

So if anyone wants to join in the fun (I'm addicted to watching this mare and I've never even met her!) the video is here: 
I tried to embed the video but it wouldn't work. Anyway, check her out if you're up with nothing to do tonight (like myself)!


  1. OMG I so want this for Gen! I love it! thanks for sharing!

  2. How is little Julie going? Have you decided what you are doing with her?

  3. Hi Nina, Julie is doing well down in Florida. Still for sale. If you click on her picture in the side bar it will take you to her sale ad.


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