Thursday, February 4, 2010

By special request from Tucker...

(Insert apology about not writing anything for a month here.  Mea culpa.)

Well, it seems Tucker has sustained yet another injury to the head.  This time it was the result of a rather violent game of halter tag.  I kept telling him it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye but you know how boys are, they never take you seriously about stuff like that. 

Whitmere, of course, sprung into action at the first sight of blood.  One of our boarders (who had witnessed Halter Wars 2010) called Alicia (who was on her way back from a horse show), Alicia called me right away, and I pointed the truck in the direction of the farm.  When we saw it, we were relieved to see that it wasn't that gruesome, but definitely needed stitches.  So, the vet came out, stitched him up, and left him with some bute and SMZs. 

This brings the total count of stitches he's had on his face up to thirty.  He previously walked under a low-hanging tree branch, and well, you can imagine.  In his defense, he was growing pretty rapidly at the time and might have fit under the tree branch the week before....

So here's the carnage after the vet visit and nine stitches later (I figured the "before" pics might be a little too gory for some of our younger readers).  The bright patch is furazone, which apparently glows in a camera flash:

And here's Day # 3, with triple antibiotic:

The reason this post comes by special request from Tucker is that due to that whole employment thing (which Tucker does understand is what keeps him living in the lifestyle to which he's accustomed) I haven't been able to throw him a pity party that reaches quite the level of extravagance and excess he's been hoping for.  He asked me about his worldwide fan base, and whether they had been informed of his precarious circumstances and near escape from the jaws of death.*  He feels that you all ought to know just how dire the situation is, and in lieu of sending flowers asks that you donate carrots to the mouth of your local equine. 

So if you all would, please, join in the pity party, he'd be rather appreciative.

*Editor's Note:  Tucker is actually feeling just fine, appears to be feeling no pain whatsoever thanks to the fact that he's had more bute this week than he's had in his whole life, and we expect him to make a full recovery.  But don't tell him I told you.  He wants you guys to feel really bad for him and worry yourselves sick over his chances of survival.


  1. Yay for you being back! Pooooor Tucker! Don't you love the baby boys. They actively seek out trouble! Hope he heals up beautifully.

  2. They are amazing at how easily they can get banged up! What is a halter war though? Do tell :)

  3. Awwww poor tucker! Our horse Vinnie is famous for being the loser at Halter tag. It has resulted in a few different injuries and many, many missing halters.

  4. Youre baaaaack!!!!!! Yay! I think his showname must be immediately changed to either Pacino or Scarface :P

  5. Poor, poor Tucker! That's some facial wound - maybe he's in to accumulating scars to show how tough he is!

  6. Awww...Poor Tucker! And here I was thinking that it was just my Gen who self injures in a cry for attention (he has two face scrapes going right now because I am so neglectful). I think My Gen still has Tucker beat on face stitches...and that is not even counting staples. What our ponys will do for attention! I hope you give Tuckers lots of love and promise him that next time I see him I will make sure to hand deliver a carrot to his mouth in the hopes it makes him remember his terribly suffering.

  7. Aw Tucker, poor baby. We'll throw you the biggest pity party ever! Sugared carrots, peppermints, cute fillies, massage, some stretching...definitely streamers for you to rip down, and a nice party sign.

    As you're adoptive Auntie, I have to let you in on a little secret: your mom doesn't work for the vet! No, really. When she goes off to work everyday? She doesn't see any horses at all. I know you associate mom with vet, because they come at the same time, but really, she's not making any money off your boo-boos, in fact, you'll probably get less carrots. I know! The horror!

    So remember, more vet visits mean less decking out of the crib, and those fuzzy dice you wanted? Zippo. :(

  8. There is definitely something in the air these days! Salem got his first stitches two weeks ago (in his lip). I have no idea how he did it; but, then again, he's a horse, so I guess that should be enough of an explanation.
    Perhaps Tucker and Salem could throw have a joint on-line pity party?
    I'll send lots of healing thoughts his way!

  9. Wow, that boy is hardcore! 30 stitches to the head?!?!? I'd have an ulcer by now, worrying about him. I'm all for the "Scarface" name change suggestion. Lol. If the shoe fits.....

  10. OMG Tucker how ever did you survive?!!!!!! You must be the bravest pony in the whole world!!!! The stitches make you look very tough!


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