Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Tucker loves about Sundays...

What's the best part about your mom working at the barn on Sundays? You get to lick the bowl after she feeds bran mash.

This has become Tucker's Sunday afternoon routine and he loves it. Clearly I take any opportunity I get to spoil him rotten. I just love this big goofy horse. Sometimes I look at him and I'm totally overwhelmed by it.

I rode him around bareback today because it was freezing cold and he just happily hacked around like a big lazy pony. He's so comfy bareback and so much fun! At one point he started trotting faster and I was bouncing around so much that I started giggling and couldn't stop. I should ride him bareback more often. Helps me find the kid place. . . .


  1. Cute photos! Bareback is fun - it's how I rode for many years as a kid, but haven't done it recently - Maisie doesn't like it (not to mention she's 16.2 so getting on and off is a challenge!) and Dawn isn't predictable enough yet - maybe someday as my younger daughter has ridden her bareback for years.

  2. Super Super!
    THATS why we do this!... all of it!

  3. Adorable. Maybe Mr. Chips sent Tucker your way? Very much something he'd busy himself doing. love the"licking the bowl". :)

    Bareback is one of the surefire roads to the kid place in my book. Especially if you're comfy!

  4. We were just saying this weekend that Tucker is a little Welsh pony trapped in a 17hh warmblood body... there could definitely be some connection between Tucker and Mr. Chips. I'll have to play In the Hall of the Mountain King for him and see what he thinks....

  5. Awww, what a sweet post! I know exactly what you mean, it's so much fun to just hang with them sometimes without working on something specific. It takes you to a different place.


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