Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time for a Julie update

I know, I know. I've been MIA. Tucker and I are working through some things, and til we get to the other side (I think we're just about there) I didn't want to blog about it. Things are moving in a positive direction though. I have some posts in mind, but I sort of wanted to be able to see the big picture before I put my thoughts down in writing.

So I figured we are well overdue for a Julie update. Here are some recent pictures of her down in Florida, and I am told that I'll be receiving more. She is getting extremely pretty, and very TALL.

I have spoken with Larry, the owner of Stones Throw, and he said her behavior has been totally unremarkable since the first few weeks she was down there. He said she is now very easy to work around, sweet and willing, and getting along really well with the other fillies in her field. Hearing that does my heart a lot of good. I am so grateful that I was able to get her into a situation where she'd be getting more consistent handling from professionals with so much experience working with youngsters.

The reason this update is so long overdue (I promise, I'm not just ignoring your comments), is that I have made the very difficult decision, one with which I am still struggling, to sell her, and have posted some ads for her online. As much as I would love to see how she turns out, I think that in terms of the free time and finances I have available, I am better off with one horse. I'm not in a huge rush, but would really like to see her go to someone who has the time to devote to her so that her career starts out right and she can be a success. It's not easy though. The more I look at that photo of her pretty face, the more I think I won't be able to give her up. I'm sort of hoping she'll sell while she's in Florida before I get a chance to go see her so that I can keep myself emotionally distanced.

Sounds terrible -- out of sight, out of mind -- but I know how attached I get to these guys and I'm trying so hard to be practical. The reality is that I am lucky if I can get to ride Tucker 4 days a week. So adding another horse to that rotation would be very tough. And it's not exactly like I've got Tucker all figured out and could ride him around blindfolded and am desperately in need of a new challenge. Plus, once she is show age, I can basically take my Tucker expenses and double them. I'm not sure I'll have those kind of resources.

I'm sure you're wondering why, then, I decided to breed another baby in the first place. Basically, I loved seeing Tucker grow from yearling to grown up horse so much that I wanted to do it again, and I figured that while I was single (no husband, no house, no kids) was the best time to do it. Sounded like a great idea at the time. But (by way of a little background) things at my firm changed a lot over the past three years, which has a lot to do with the situation I find myself in now. The hours got (much) more demanding as the firm grew, and then the economy tanked, salaries got frozen, bonuses disappeared, and now salaries will be cut. All this led me to the decision to move to a new firm, starting in January, which I think will be a much better fit for me, but a little less pay. Still plenty to keep Tucker in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed, but probably not enough to give Julie the life of a princess that she deserves.

I'm trying very hard not to listen to the voice that keeps saying: "But what if she turns out really nice? What if you kept her at some backyard place? You could trailer in for lessons with Alicia, she doesn't have to live at Whitmere, you can make this work...." This voice is irrational, clearly, and in love with the filly that she saw being born, but hard to ignore. I'm really trying though. I think Julie is doing so well right now because she's under the care of professionals and in a consistent routine. I'm pretty sure that means she'd go downhill if she was just hanging out someplace and getting ridden by me when I could find the time. This is what the rational, practical, logical side of me (the one not blinded by love) is saying.

So, before I change my mind, anyone want to buy a really nice filly?


  1. What a hard decision you have made but it sounds like the right/practical one. Yes she is maturing into a beautiful girl but I understand the situation you find yourself in. Glad to hear she is going so well though!

  2. She is beautiful - but that means you should be able to sell her to someone who will really want her. I completely understand about the time/finances issues we all face with owning horses, and if you show that makes it more time consuming and expensive. With a young horse, having lots of time to work with her would be important and that may be better done by someone other than you. Sounds like a well-reasoned decision to me.

  3. Great to hear a positive, glowing update about Julie - she's beautiful.

    Letting go of an animal is so difficult...however, it does seem you 've taken the time to think it through carefully, and tried to put both your horses' interests at the forefront of your consideration.

    Looking forward to reading about the big picture with Tucker when you get there (sending you positive support and good wishes).

    Good luck with your new position when it starts - that's a lot of change to consider all at once. Hang in there - the other side of things will arrive eventually.

  4. Selling a horse is always a hard decision I know. You have Julie's best interests at heart though and that is what counts. She is turning out very fancy. Love that face!

  5. You are doing the RIGHT THING. I had to make this same decision this Spring. While I loved Karma and Granite, I just couldnt afford the time or money to give them what they deserved. They both deserved to be safe and happy and healthy and get attention-- but there wasnt enough of me or my checkbook to go around. I had to determine what was best for the horses, not my selfish desire to have them both in my life. While I loved Karma, Granite was the best fit for my future goals, so I chose to keep him and move him to a nice facility (which I can barely afford at this point).
    Long story short, I just want to offer you some support in that fact that I know what a heart wrenching choice you are having to make and that it will be for the best in the end.
    Good Luck!

  6. She is a beauty that's for sure, what a sweet face. I know how hard it is to make that decision, especially when you have bred and raised them. I guess the only consolation is to know that you are doing the right thing and that the outcome would likely be the same down the road, even if you choose to keep her now. It will just be harder, because you'll be that much more attached (and broke!) It's so hard to block out that irrational voice though! Stay strong, and good luck in finding a great home for her. I'm in Florida, near Ocala. Wish my finances were more in order or I'd look into her! Lol!

  7. Ahhh Marissa...what a big decision but I am with Rachel on this one (and now feeling totally convicted myself on this 2 horse issue). Horses aside, CONGRATS on the new firm! How exciting!!!

  8. Oh..gosh, what a hard conclusion to come to, I'm sure. She is GORGEOUS!!! Her face screams "I'm a pretty pretty girl!"


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