Thursday, December 10, 2009


Remember the adorable kitten that used to go for pony rides on Tucker? Well . . . his cuteness got the better of me and I took him home. Since he's gray, I named him Sterling. (Also a reference to Mad Men, my favorite tv show.)
It was a very rough start . . . Lilly was offended by everything he did. She would growl if she so much as heard him playing with a toy in another part of the apartment. His very existence was infuriating! I wasn't sure if she'd let me keep him, but I figured I'd leave it up to her, and if she came around, he could stay. I started off leaving him in a huge dog crate full of toys, a kitten-size litter box, and a little food. He loved it in his play pen! (He still goes in now and then to play). Once I was sure she wasn't going to destroy him (just hiss and make horrible faces) I started leaving them loose together.

Last night I came home and Lilly greeted me at the foot of the stairs. This has been her habit every night for the past four years, but since Sterling arrived, she would usually be hiding under something when I got home. So Lilly at the bottom of the stairs either meant she had stuffed Sterling in a drawer somewhere, thrown him out the window, or maybe -- just maybe -- they had become friends. Further investigtion revealed that Sterling was sprawled out all the way across one of the top steps, and appeared in one piece. Sure enough, Lilly got to that step, they touched noses, and she trotted happily to the kitchen for dinner. No hissing, no howling, no horrible faces.

I'm not questioning it, I'm just going with it. Lilly makes the rules at my house, and the rest of us are just happy she lets us stick around.

Oh, and, Sterling was originally helping me with this post. . . but he fell asleep.


  1. Sterling is so cute! He looks a lot like my cat Pele though Sterling has more floof. I am glad to hear Lilly has accepted the little guy, cats can be really sensitive about that sort of thing. He was probably too cute to stay mad at ;)

  2. Eeee! I have a grey kitty named Sterling & he's helping me type this right now!! I'll bet they'll be getting along famously in no time. When we introduced Harmon to our established kitties (Sterling & Sam) he growled like a Rottweiler at them for weeks! But a year later, we come home to all 3 snuggled into a big kitty pile. Your Sterling is adorable!

  3. Congrats on your new baby!
    Now, if Sterling runs off with your secretary or starts mewing for Gin instead of milk dont act all surprised, ya hear! :)

  4. have some major cuteness going on there! I hope Lilly continues to be fine with your adorable new kitten! Such a cutie!!

  5. You and the cute kittens! Enough already! hehe.

  6. Oh "Sterling"! I'm so glad you brought him home and into your life. What a lucky kitty.


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