Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A pleasant surprise

I finally decided to buy this picture of Tucker, because it's just so beautiful. Summer's mom always tells me that if there are photos I like, I should just buy them, because I'll want them later on to remember the various stages of Tucker's career. She had an incredible horse with whom she had a very successful show career, and she said her one regret is that she didn't buy more professional pictures of him. So, my Christmas present to myself is this photo. It'll look great in my new office!

So, on to the pleasant surprise. I knew the photo was taken on the day we did the Tri-State Hunters at HITS, but I couldn't remember which day of the week it was (of course, I now realize I could have looked at my blog archives -- which is the whole reason I started blogging in the first place -- but I digress). So I looked up the show results online, and guess what I came across? My boy kicked some butt!

He was 4th in the first class out of 45 horses with Alicia riding him, and 8th in the 3rd class out of 41 horses with me riding!

Confession: I have been (for virtually no reason whatsoever) feeling like a terrible rider lately. My riding has improved so much since I've started training with Alicia, and yet I have periods of time where I think I'm forever destined to be mediocre at best. I'm a perfectionist, an over-acheiver, and in my worst moments, a pessimist.

I'm sure you've noticed from time to time in this blog that I can get a little down on myself and my riding. I love to take the blame for mistakes, and I worry that I'm not good enough to showcase my brilliant creature's natural talent, or even worse, that I'm actually ruining him. I can also get a little down on my horse, and worry that I am just blinded by my overflowing love for him, and maybe he isn't as nice as I think? Maybe he never really grew out of his "ugly little colt" phase (this is how he was commonly referred to in the first few months of his life) and I just grew to love him so much that I overlook his flaws?

So, the internet gods smiled upon me today and sent me this little gift. I know, it isn't much. But it was just what I needed to remind me that I actually can do this, and that my horse is every bit as nice as all those other fancy-pants hunters we saw up at HITS.

I was feeling so glum today, really for no reason at all, and this really helped me turn my attitude around. I am so proud of him, and so grateful to have this incredible creature in my life. He is a blessing sent straight from heaven.


  1. He's GORGEOUS. Wow what a looker. Lovely movement!

    Argh. I hear you on the whole riding spiral. I'm glad this photo took you out of it, and you can appreciate the work you've done, how far you've come, and your life together.

    Yup. You can do it. You are doing it. You will do it. YAY!

    (okay, next time? I'll lose the pom-poms. Maybe. I like how they look with this shirt...)

  2. You should be proud - of him and yourself - and that's a lovely photo. I'm very fond of bays with white - Maisie looks like that, although she's darker than your boy and has four legs with white and my mare Promise was also a bay with two white half-socks. Whenever you start to get down on yourself, be sure to remember this post!

  3. It's a beautiful picture...a lovely memory. How wonderful that you placed 4th out of 45! Wow. I like to focus on the positives, ANY positives, as small as they may be in my case! :-) My instructor told me that even when you feel that you are not progressing, you really are... I remind myself of that after each lesson!

  4. It is a sign of a good trainer and rider to first look at yourself for any problem that arises, and that sometimes leads to the downward guilt spiral. NO FUN. I am glad you found this picture to remind yourself of how good a team you and Tucker really are!

    Great photo he is just so handsome!

  5. Great photo, hope it gives you the boost you need!

  6. He is just beautiful and its a great photo! I agree, buy photos t/o your workings with him as a photo lineage memory line.


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