Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The faces of Whitmere

In addition to the new laptop, I also got a new digital camera. It's a Nikon Coolpix and so far I like it a lot if you're in the market for one. Since I wanted to play with the camera anyway, I figured this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to all the wonderful horses at Whitmere.

First, and most importantly, this is Outsider. She is Alicia's mare and competes in the upper level jumpers and will be doing local Grand Prix this year. She's a total freak of nature, in a good way, has a huge heart, super athletic, amazingly talented. And she knows it. She also knows she is prettier and smarter and more important than me, and reminds me of that all the time. Like last week, for example, when she thought it would be funny to push me down in the snow. . . .

Next is Windsor, who is the same age and has the same birthday as Tucker. I wish I had gotten a better picture of this handsome guy. He does the 3' equitation junior medal classes with his owner, who is a very talented young lady. I had the pleasure of watching their lesson with Anne Kursinski last weekend and I was just blown away. These two make an incredible pair.

And of course, you all know the star of our show.  Remember how Tucker gets special treatment on Sundays?  Well we did a bran mash today since it was so freezing cold out, and it seems someone got a little impatient and stuck his foot in his feed tub and made a huge racket when the wheelbarrow wasn't brought to him promptly. . . .  Some might say he's spoiled, but I think he's just well-loved.

This is Caktus Joe. He does the Junior Jumpers with his owner when she's not away at college and has been leased recently to another rider in our barn who retired her horse Montel, who is below. Joe is a genuine character, and another extremely talented guy who makes 4'+ look like the easiest thing in the world. As you can see, he knew exactly what to do when I pulled the camera out.

Here is Indy, who belongs to my friend Kathleen, and is one of Tucker's turnout buddies. He's four, and loves to play rough with Tucker and his big brother but is also a real sweetie around the barn. I'm supposed to ride him on Sunday before we leave for the show, I'll let you know how it goes!

And this is Rodie, a barn favorite, who also belongs to Kathleen. He's an off track thoroughbred and just an all-around great guy. Everyone loves riding him and Kathleen just adores him. They compete in the jumpers right now, but Kathleen is coming back over to hunter princess land and doing the hunters with me on Sunday!

This is Chloe, who is the third member of Kathleen's herd. Chloe just moved in to Whitmere and is coming back from having time off at Kathleen's house and does the jumpers with Kathleen. She's an incredibly sweet mare.

Next up is Summer, whom I've told you about already. Summer is a five-year-old Dutch Warmblood cross, half-sister to Julie, and she won the non-thoroughbred yearling filly class at Devon.  This picture doesn't do her justice at all (sorry about that Summer). She's incredibly pretty and is really coming along in her riding though she's still somewhat green. Summer and Tucker have been sweethearts for a long time, since they grew up on the same baby farm.

This is Junior, who also belongs to Alicia. He's a young thoroughbred recently off the track who is learning the ropes of the hunter/jumper world and is going to be a really cool horse. He's taken to jumping like he was born to do it, so we have really high hopes for his future. Plus, you just can't help falling in love with that face.

This is Vince, who used to be turned out with Tucker (that's Vince in the background in the bottom photo). He is another off-track thoroughbred who found a new career in the hunter/jumper world, and a total sweetheart.

This is Kal, who's made a few other appearances on the blog. He's a very cool horse whom I love hacking for his owner Jess, as you all know by now. He and Jess do the jumpers, though he used to be a hunter as you can tell from the pretty picture. (Not that I have any bias toward one ring over another, of course.)

And last, but certainly not least, here is Montel. He is a rare German warmblood breed, called a Berlin Brandenburger. These horses are bred for bravery and are very popular in the European Grand Prix ring. Montel has had a long successful career, travelled all over the world, and is now retired and absolutely loving his life (as you can see, he gave himself a little therapeutic mud mask today). He is one of the smartest horses I've ever met and such a good boy. I'd say he'd do just about anything for his mom. You all met him when he and Tucker started going out together. I just love that picture.

I've realized that I left one out, though she's really just a guest at Whitmere. She is being leased by Joe's owner at Sweet Briar College and came home for Christmas break for her. Her name is Tina and she's a big flashy bay mare that we are all really enjoying getting to know. Sorry you didn't get to make your internet debut this evening Tina. . . . I'll have to fix that at the show on Sunday.


  1. Thanks for all the pictures - it's fun to meet all the horses!

  2. What a great group and... ANN KURSINSKI??!! You are So lucky to have gotten to audit that!

  3. Yes, Alicia trains with Anne and I try to take every opportunity I can to watch her lessons. It's pretty cool to be setting jumps for a woman whose poster hung on my wall as a child....

  4. Awww...what a great post. It is nice to see so many pretty horses! Where is your show on Sunday? Is it close by? What time do you think your classes might run? I have a few things to do on Sunday, but I would love to come and video you and Tucker doing your thing if I could.

  5. That's so nice of you OTB! It's probably a little far for you though, the show is at Our Farm in Norristown PA. It's a little under an hour from where Tucker lives but might be kind of a hike for you. We're guessing that we'll show around 4 pm. This one might not work out but I'll definitely take you up on the offer next time we are showing closer to home!

  6. They're all so pretty and the barn is gorgeous. Still, I think Tucker is my favorite... the others don't have a blog all about them.

  7. Really enjoyed the pictures! Looks like Tucker is in good company. The facility looks great!

  8. How do you ever go home? I would have to stay there and kiss and cuddle all those little faces!!!! (Of course Tucker is the cutest)

  9. Marissa - hope you get this post! I can't seem to get my gmail account working. Can you post that link you were telling me about on my blog? Thanks!!

  10. OOooo...I love meeting everyone! Tucker is definitely the most handsome and I'm with Nina, how do you ever go home?!? Must be painful. Um. Be careful about giving Tucker your old laptop. He'll be plugged in and over scheduling you in no time. A few of those horses look like they'd happily help him hack the database containing Mrs. Pasture's secret recipe.


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