Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update on the Boo-boo

I had a horrible nightmare that Tucker had blown a low hind suspensory, one of those heart-wrenchingly-life-like dreams, complete with the vet visit, the ultrasound, cold-hosing, hand-walking, and telling his sad story to all who would listen.

Despite my apparent equine hypochondria, Tucker appears to be doing just fine. The folks at Whitmere changed his bandage today and Alicia said it looks good. There was heat in the leg yesterday (which could have prompted the nightmare) so Jess iced it for me, but today it felt normal. They re-wrapped it tonight with antibiotic beneath gauze and elasticon but didn't put standing wraps on, so we'll see if his leg blows up. My hope is that since we've been keeping it so clean and protected, there won't be an infection and won't be too much swelling. I'm planning to head out there tomorrow so I can give him lots of attention, which I'm positive will aid in the healing process. I might just get on him bareback and walk him around, which usually makes him pretty happy.

Am I nuts for treating a cut so seriously? There are folks out there whose poor horses are battling major soundness problems and here I am fretting over a minor injury. Might seem a little silly, but he's my baby. Can't help it.


  1. The cut's in an awkward spot and you're right to take precautions. It'll probably heal up fine - horses have great immune systems - which is fortunate considering how much trouble they get into!

  2. Nope! You're not nuts...Miss P had to have almost a month off because of a seemingly simple cut in an awkward place that wound up getting infected. I'd just keep rest him and it clean and protected until it's all healed OR...you can totally hack around with the Elastikon bandage on provided it doesnt interfere and come off...Stuff in the leg takes longer to heal unfortunately, but if it's got a scab on it, and he is sound on it, I'd ride him normally on the flat with the bandage in place to keep it protected.


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