Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tucker love

I love my horse. I know you all knew that already but last night (since I am still babying his wound) I just hung out with him in the barn aisle, taking pictures and playing with him. There is something so endearing about a horse that stretches out his muzzle to kiss your face. I concluded last night (for the millionth time) that I just love him. Every silly little hair on his head.

I promised a picture of his snazzy new haircut:

And here's a profile shot of his handsome face:

And here he is in the new thinsulate blanket, which fits perfectly:

And lest anyone get the mistaken impression that Tucker is the only character in the barn, here is photographic evidence to the contrary. Here is Joe, helping me groom:

And here is Indie, helping me, um, cross-tie (?):

I love the look on Tucker's face in this last picture. He was curious and amused by Indie, until he realized the thing Indie was playing with was attached to him. It instantly became not so amusing.

As for the injury, there is still some heat in his fetlock. I am hoping to get on him tonight for a light hack so I can determine if he's sound. I'll wrap his hind legs with polo wraps and ice his leg when I'm done. We are continuing with the wrapping and triple antibiotic ointment (you can see the Elastikon wrap on his right hind in some of the pictures above), but I'm thinking that tomorrow, if there's a healthy scab forming and no sign of infection, we should stop wrapping and let some air get to it.


  1. He is a very handsome boy...and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to stop wrapping soon.

  2. He's so cute, the last picture is def my fave...Bummer there is still heat...Moving around should help though, so I hope he was sound for you last night! Hopefully you can at least stop wrapping with Elastikon, that stuff is so darn expensive! I hear you can get it on ebay for cheap (not that I dont love paying almost 8 buckaroos a roll at my local tack shop for it)...I've been meaning to go on there to stock up for the next injury du jour ;)

  3. i have those pony love moments all the time too. They must think they are the most amazing horses in the world (which of course they are!). Nice pictures of the Tuck-inator he is one handsome fellow :)

  4. Lovely pictures - they really capture his personality!

  5. Hope he's doing better now! He's really cute, I can see why you love him so much!


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