Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just when you thought...

... that I couldn't take any more cute pictures of my horse, I took a bunch with a kitten on his back:

Sorry, I promise once I start riding again I'll start posting something other than adorable pictures. Tomorrow I'm riding Summer, a beautiful young mare who belongs to my friend Eva (and who happens to be Julie's half sister). Summer and Tucker used to live on the same baby farm, and were reunited at Whitmere. Summer is still rehabing from a strained ligament so I'll just be walking, but since I've known Summer her entire life, I've been anxious to get on her and see what she's like.
So, hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to report, but until then enjoy the "awww" factor and I hope everyone is getting to spend time with their horses this weekend!


  1. Very cute! By the way, how about a Julie update?

  2. Yes, a Julie update is overdue -- Nina asked me about her too and I neglected to respond. I'll have to work on a post about the little spotted princess.

  3. OMG how cute!!!!!!!!!! PS So is the kitten! :o)

  4. cute!!! I love it when kittens ride!

  5. Cute photos, I'm certainly not over the Aww Factor! Have a great ride.


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