Thursday, November 5, 2009

He's Mr. Ed

I SO should have moved to Hollywood with this horse and gotten him into commercials and films. He clearly has no concept of the fact that he's not a human and does not belong in human spaces.
After we ride I do a little stretching work with him in the aisle, with the help of some mints (or candy corn, or m&m's, or tootsie rolls, he's not picky). So last night we're doing our stretches and I dropped the last mint and he stepped on it and crushed it (and proceeded to lick it up off the floor). We hadn't done our second left-side stretch yet, and since the barn doors were shut and he wasn't going anywhere, I left him standing loose in the aisle when I went back into the tackroom to get another mint. I turned around from the bowl of mints to find the following:

"Yes! She finally left the door to the treat room open!"

"She even left the key in the door. Silly human. Like stealing candy from a . . ."

"Oh hi mom, there you are, just talking about you.
So where do you keep those yummy things?"

"On top of the fridge maybe?"

"Wait. . . I think I smell something . . ."


"Mommy? Can you open that bag please? I don't have thumbs."

Can't you see that face on a commercial? Not exactly sure what it would be a commercial for, but obviously he's not camera shy! This horse cracks me up. Some day I may get sick of taking multiple photos of silly things he does, but I doubt it, so I hope you're all enjoying it!


  1. So cute! He's like Izzy; they always have to be in whatever we're doing.

  2. Oh what a ham! Great photos I really enjoy his expressions.

  3. He's both curious and photogenic - he could have a career in pictures/advertising!

  4. Very cute, he should definitely be in the movies. Our guys always stick their heads in the tack room door waiting for their treats too. They are all such silly treat monsters.

  5. Tucker couldn't help it, he had to follow his mum and look he hit the jackpot!!!!!! GO TUCKER!

  6. Hilarious! Love the photos. He should totally be in the elegant form of Mr. Ed! Then he can support YOU.

  7. I love this guy, so funny! I need to get better about bringing my camera with me around the barn, I never catch this kind of stuff.

  8. I'm glad you all enjoyed these, they still make me smile. As you can tell he is quite a character. And Nicku, if my phone didn't have a camera I'd never catch this stuff!


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