Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Discount Tack Stores

In response to the overwhelming popularity of yesterday's post, I figured I'd share with you all some of my favorite places to look for a good bargain. Some of these may be painfully obvious to you, but try to at least groan quietly as you roll your eyes at me.

1. They always have great discounts. I buy all of Tucker's weatherbeeta turnout blankets here. You can also usually snoop around online for discount coupons (google "coupon code") and there is usually a deal out there for free shipping, 10% off, or $10 off. Email me at and I'll give you a link to the website where I found coupons. Not sure if they're listed there with the website owner's permission, so I don't think I should post them.

2. The classifieds on Chronicle of the Horse. There are giveaways (always the best place to start, mostly free horses but sometimes people give away blankets, tack, etc.), tack classifieds, rider apparel classifieds, horse apparel classifieds, and miscellaneous classifieds. People sell really nice things (usually gently used) at reasonable rates and I've bought a few things with no problems. Obviously, just use your judgment about giving out personal information if something doesn't seem quite right.

3. Mostly horse ads, but you can search for tack and equipment too. I bought my saddle here last year for a HUGE discount. It had only been sat in twelve times and is practically brand new.

4. It's a Western site, but I've bought halters, grooming supplies, etc. from them and they are much cheaper than most English sites.

5. ebay Stores. We all know you can get great used stuff on ebay, but the ebay stores sell brand new discounted items -- even better! Edgewood has a factory outlet store, and I've been coveting an Edgewood bridle. Obviously there's always tons of used stuff on ebay. In particular I've had good luck finding Tailored Sporstman schooling breeches on ebay for a lot less. Though, now that I think of it, I also just found a pair even cheaper at Smartpak. (Don't worry, I am not a size 24. The price and size have gone down since I ordered them).

6. Dover Saddlery also has a closeout page. Before you buy the full price item -- check there first! Sometimes the same item is in the regular pages and in the closeouts, just in a different color, etc. Also, if you live near a Dover store, remember that they will ship an item to the store for free if you go in and order it and then come pick it up. So no sense in paying for shipping!

7. State Line Tack. I know this is an obvious one, but they're having a Clearance Sale right now and some of the deals are too good to pass up.

8. Thinline, Inc. is also having a closeout sale. I have their leather open front and hind ankle boots, and the saddle fitter pad. Both are excellent quality and I got a discount on both using a coupon code. Again, email me and I'll give it to you. Note that the coupon can't be used on closeouts.

9. Jeffers - another good source for weatherbeeta blankets. I haven't ordered from them, but I've considered it because their prices are very good.

10. One last non-equine site. Do you guys know about freecycle? It's one of my favorite things. It's just a bulletin board where people post things they are giving away. The idea is to keep huge items like couches out of landfills, so it's not only economical but also environmentally sound. People will post things they are giving away and also "curb alerts" if they see a couch or something in front of an address in the area. You need a yahoo id to join, which is free, and then you can sign up for whatever groups you want (I picked my county and the next county over) and they will email you the bulletin board daily. This one really came in handy when I was furnishing the new apartment. People give away beautiful pieces of furniture, you would be amazed!

Those are the places I frequent. My best advice is that whenever you are looking at an item, whether it's horse-related or not, google the item. Then you can compare prices and shipping rates and make sure you're getting the best deal. We all have our favorite sites and stores, but my loyalty goes out the window if I can find a better deal elsewhere! Happy bargain hunting everyone. Fyi, to your right is Tucker's response when I asked him how he felt about paying full price for anything.

Please use the comments section below to add your own favorite discount sites. I am always on the hunt!

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  1. Ugh. I just found tall boots that I want on dover clearance. Not a good thing, because I'm supposed to be getting my bridle instead.

    Thanks for sharing, though.

    I like to use . Depending on where you live, there are some deals to be had on decent stuff. I've gotten a saddle, a nice surcingle, a neck strap, a girth, and some other assorted cool stuff. Plus, if you google "craigslist" and the item you're looking for, it searches nationwide. Of course, then you're counting on the person who has it to ship.


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