Monday, November 9, 2009

A beautiful weekend & Tucker gets a boo-boo

Taking a minute to share with you all about my beautiful weekend!

On Saturday I got up early, ran some errands (including a stop at Dover -- why is it that I can't get out of Dover or Target without spending $100??) and headed to the barn for body clipping.

When I got there Tucker was standing in his stall with his ears back, pouting. Everyone else was turned out, but he had gotten a bath the day before in preparation for clipping . . . and with all the rain the paddocks are pretty muddy . . . so no turnout for Tucker. He was totally offended.

When I first put him on the cross-ties he had that same pouty look on his face but then he realized what we were doing. Tucker loves body clipping. It's a solid three hours of mom-time. I don't walk away to chat with people, I don't leave to go get things from my trunk, I don't touch any other horses. It's just pure, unadulterated attention on him for a solid block of time.

He is so good about clipping. He doesn't move a muscle except when I say "over please" or "lift this foot please." When I do his face, I slip the halter around his neck and he puts his head down around my knees and leans against me. I'm telling you, this horse is a fan of attention in any form. The only thing he really doesn't like is his ears. I didn't have to twitch him this time though, just had someone slip a chain over his gums and stand there, and he didn't fight it at all. So that is progress. I am slowly working up to being able to do them without a chain or anything. I can now do the base of his ears and some of the outside without assistance. He looked absolutely beautiful when I finished and he was all smiles after a full afternoon with mom. I'll try to get some nice pictures this week.

I also rode him in the chambon for about 20 minutes, a very light hack with it set loosely to see how he would react. He didn't seem to mind it and I'm thinking it's going to help. I'm going to try again one night this week with it adjusted one hole so that it starts coming into play a little and see how it goes. I really appreciated everyone's comments on the last post and I'll try to keep the dialogue going on the subject of his flat work and my methods and what works and what doesn't.

Yesterday I worked at the farm all day and had a lovely day. Didn't make it to the baby shower . . . but the autumn weather was absolutely perfect for a day of barn work. The kittens helped me do morning hay:

And I got to see how Tucker enjoys himself in turnout:

Sadly, Tucker went for a bit of a romp after this roll and managed to give himself a nasty cut on his hind right ankle. Our best guess is that he came to a sliding stop and there was a rock in the ground that he cut himself on, because it goes right down the back of his fetlock joint like a seam. So I cleaned it well with betadine, determined that no stitches were necessary, put triple antibiotic in the wound, wrapped the area with gauze and elasticon and set him up with standing wraps behind for the night. He's just going to get handwalked today and turnout in the small stone dust paddock tomorrow and then we'll see how it's healing. I don't think it will make him lame (unless there is something else internal that we don't know about yet), but it's in a really bad spot and I want to make sure it has started to heal and close before he goes back to work. We're going to give him until Wednesday and then re-evaluate. He's walking sound on it (though of course held it up to show me as soon as I started to clean it and made his best "Ow mommy ow" face). I offered to carry him back to his stall, but he decided to be brave and tough it out. I'm thinking it's a long way from his heart and he's going to be just fine.


  1. You are fortunate to have a horse that's (almost completely) cooperative with clipping!

    Sorry about the boo-boo - hope it heals up well.

  2. I second that comment about clipping! It has been clipping time at our barn as well and people are trying to convince me to clip Bodhi. I do not think he would let me clip his ears though!

  3. If Tucker learns that he gets attention by hurting himself, he may never be sound again. ;-)

  4. Parts of Tucker's personality remind me of Tiny (and you know how I feel about Tiny!) - the clipping especially. Lillie borrowed my body clippers to "mow" Tiny. With that half Belgian thing going on, he is a mow job.

    I just got them back from sharpening and tuning at the shop, and the blade fell off in the middle of clipping! Thank god Tiny didn't get cut. (Nothing Lillie did, they weren't put back together properly after being sharpened.)

    Problem: He was only a third of the way clipped. She ended up using two different brand clippers to finish...for a total clipping job of 8 hours. Tiny? He was all warm and snuggly about the whole thing. :) Ground tied the whole time.

    Only problem is his face, because he wants to put the clippers in his mouth.


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